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Listen Up! Ballet Flats Are Back In Style This Fall

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Yes, you read that right, our favourite fashion staple from the early 2010s is making a much-needed comeback this fall. In the past few years, we’ve spent a whole lot of time making platformed footwear our entire personality. And while they’re extremely chic to look at, our feet could really do with some comfortable footwear.

Luckily for comfort footwear enthusiasts, it’s cool to wear ballet flats once again. During this installment of Paris Fashion Week, we saw brands like Miu Miu, introduce a whole new collection of ballet flats that would appeal to even the most ardent sartorialist.

After seeing celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid wearing them during their day out in the city, it’s time to make some much-needed space in your shoe rack for your new favourite pair of ballet flats.

And here’s how you can style your ballet flats to stay on trend this fall.

For A Street Edge

Love your classic street-style look? Just switch your sneakers with a pair of vibrant flats and they will look super chic yet comfy. But remember, proportions are everything and keep the rest of your ensemble slightly muted.

Socks And Ballet Flats Is A No Brainer

Going for the chic schoolgirl vibe? Just pair your flats with your cutest mini, a casual tee and socks. We also recommend throwing in a cute messenger bag for maximum impact.

Ballet Flats To Work? Hell Yes!

Want to go for something formal yet stay comfortable? We’ve got you covered. Pair your white tweed blazer with a black pencil skirt and round of the look with your favourite ballet flats. Make sure you stick to a monochrome palette and you won’t go wrong.

To Elevate Your Casuals

A casual day out in the sun deserves a chic monochrome look. Pick out a black fitted cardigan as a top and pair it with a pair of white linen pants and black ballet flats. Trust us when we say that this is the ultimate hot girl fall look that you need in your wardrobe!

Print Is Always The Answer

Add an element of pop to your black sundress with a pair of printed ballet flats. If you want to do as the fashion frontrunners do, carry a small clutch in your big tote, a pair of pearl earrings and a hair tie to help you make the transition from desk to drinks in a jiffy.