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Is The Viral ‘Jeans Boots’ Trend Worth Trying?

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Eesha Kulkarni

Another day, another viral trend—and this time, it’s the lovechild between knee-high boots with pointed toes and heels and jeans. Fashion influencers on TikTok and Instagram are slashing their old denim jeans to make the DIY version of the ‘jeans boots’ after Swedish supermodel and influencer Elsa Hosk shared a picture of her wearing them and amassed thousands of likes.

Hosk was sporting the original $550 version of the boots dubbed ‘Bux Denim Jeans Boot’ sold by the Icelandic footwear brand Kalda, which boasts Gigi and Bella Hadid and their fellow It Girls in their list of devout fans. The supermodel paired the whimsical boots with a sultry little black dress, inspiring millions to cop the look. Kalda debuted the jeans boot design last year as part of its FW21 collection.

This isn’t the first-time a piece of apparel has birthed a viral trend on social media. The eye-catching denim leg-warmers slash boots have taken the Internet by storm with industrious fashion fans scurrying to create the design at home with a pair of scissors and show them off online. The hashtag #JeansBoots has garnered nearly 2 million views, and the frankenboots have even been spotted on models and influencers in real life in fashion capitals including Manhattan and Copenhagen during fashion weeks.

Apart from Hosk, sartorial risk-taker and Italian-American actress and model Julia Fox was also seen strutting around town in the ‘jeans boots,’ further emphasising the viral trend floating on the internet.

Creators unwilling to shell out thousands of dollars on the original pair, have been channelling their ingenious ways and cutting off their jeans to emulate the real ones.

To do this, all you need is a pair of scissors, an old pair of (preferably flared) jeans and knee-high boots. Once you slash off the legs of your jeans, layer the boots with the fabric properly. Neatly tuck the upper ends of the jeans inside the top of the boot and sew it up, or use fabric glue or pins if you aren’t keen on sewing, and voila! There you have the DIY, inexpensive hack to recreate the high-fashion jeans boots. While not an exact dupe of the original, the DIY version is yet another instance of Gen Z’ers getting inspired by a whacky celebrity outfit and look and achieving it for way less.

You can pair these statement boots with a myriad of outfits including mini skirts, mini dresses, blazers, corsets, crop tops and shorts or even go all in by putting together a daring denim-on-denim look. Almost seems worth falling prey to another “TikTok-made-me-do-it” trend, am I right? Or is this my caffeine buzz pushing me to do unthinkable things to the innocent pair of jeans lying in the back of my closet? Maybe I need to revisit this crazy idea after a nap.