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Sahil Salathia Is Outrageous And Wonderful, Take A Look

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Chaiti Narula

He is fun, he is unhinged and his candour is one for the history books! I am not the one to write in superlatives but one look at Sahil Salathia on the red carpet is enough to confirm that the actor is, in fact, larger than life.

During our chat over a coffee, Sahil displayed the energy and vibe of a five-year-old who has consumed a jar of Nutella, gone through several packets of gummy bears, and demolished candy bars by the dozen! His infectious energy reminded me instantly of Ranveer Singh, an actor who also shares Sahil’s propensity towards making bold choices with their style.

He can be extremely controversial. Not because he is trying to grab headlines but just because he doesn’t believe in holding back. While this delighted and terrified me in equal measure, his razor-sharp wit and endless charm made sure that our chat ended up being an absolute joy and a riot.

Sahil’s refreshingly candid and larger-than-life persona houses a mind that’s well-read and aware of everything that’s going on in the world around him. This is one of the reasons why it’s so easy to have an engaging conversation with the actor who can talk at length about everything under the sun!

Watch our full chat on ‘The Clique’, where he opens up about nepotism in the entertainment industry, why he refuses to ever be a part of Bigg Boss, how he fawns over the star kids like Alia Bhatt who “have some real talent”, how he is a self-proclaimed “thirst trap pro max” and so much more!