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Gauri Khan On What Led To Her First Book, ‘My Life In Design’

HELLO! catches up with A-list interior expert, Gauri Khan, as she shares her design journey and what led to her first coffee-table book, My Life in Design. HELLO!: What prompted you to come out with your coffee-table book, My Life in Design? What can readers look forward to in its pages? Gauri Khan: “When the team at Penguin discussed this idea wit

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6 Heart-Rending Books Like Colleen Hoover’s ‘It Ends With Us’

Colleen Hoover is a #1 New York Times best-selling author and as of now, has three books on the Bestseller list, with It Ends with Us having been on the paperback trade fiction list for over 60 weeks. Part of the reason why is because Hoover’s books have taken TikTok or #BookTok by storm. Not only this, the book-tokers and Hoover’s fanbase, who cal

Blake Lively & Justin Baldoni

Blake Lively & Justin Baldoni To Star In This Much-Anticipated Movie

Fans of author Colleen Hoover have a reason to celebrate. The movie adaptation of her bestselling novel It Ends With Us is finally happening and it has roped in Blake Lively and Justin Baldoni to play the leads. Yes! The book that took TikTok by storm is being developed for a big-screen adaptation and is going to be directed by Baldoni, who is also

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Raëll Padamsee Delves Into Hijacked Minds And Brave New Societies

Let Me Hijack Your Mind by the late Alyque Padamsee takes one backstage into the highly progressive ideas propounded by India’s revered ‘God of advertising and theatre.’ From Proposing five-year contracts for marraiges to cultivating ‘gross domestic happiness’ in the office environment, HELLO! presents an intimate insight into this man’s brilliant,

7 LGBTQ+ Romance Novels To Add To Your Bookshelves This Pride Month

From love at first sight to slow burns that make you swoon, romance novels have something for everyone. The romance novel industry has been dominated by stories that follow cis-gendered straight people but over the past few years, things have started changing for good. With more and more queer romance novelists coming forward to write heartwarming

Margaret Atwood Is Attempting To Burn A Copy Of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ For A Very Good Reason

Publishing giant Penguin Random House recently shared a video of Canadian author Margaret Atwood firing a flamethrower at a copy of one of her most popular works The Handmaid’s Tale, only to reveal that no harm came to the book as it was ‘unburnable’. The powerful visuals are to promote the upcoming auction of a specially made copy of the classic b