9 New Murder Mystery Novels That Will Keep You Hooked

What makes a good murder mystery novel? Is it the kind that turns us into detectives who end up combing the lines of the book to figure out the identity of the killer? Or is it the one that takes us by surprise and packs powerful twists that make us question our reality? Thankfully for all mystery lovers, 2023 was a year filled with amazing new boo

It Ends With Us Backlash

Colleen Hoover Responds To The ‘It Ends With Us’ Backlash

In the world of book-to-film adaptations, there is often a delicate balance to be struck between the expectations of dedicated fans and the creative choices made by filmmakers. Such is the case with the upcoming movie adaptation of Colleen Hoover’s bestselling novel and ‘Book-Tok’ favourite, It Ends With Us. Recently, the author herself took a mome

Mystery Thriller Novels

7 Foreign-Language Thrillers That Need To Be On Your Bookshelf

When it comes to literature, boundaries of language and borders should not hinder you from enjoying a good story. With expertly translated versions of foreign language books available, there’s really no excuse to overlook the ocean of incredible stories from different parts of the world. Crime fiction is one of the genres rich with brilliant works

Author Meera Gandhi

Author Meera Gandhi On Her Life’s Journey, New Book & More

An international philanthropist, a global icon, a single mum of three and now an author, Meera Gandhi wears multiple hats with relative ease. In 3 Tips: The Essentials for Peace, Joy and Success, she offers self-help tips in the most pragmatic manner, interspacing guidance with anecdotes from her life, making this book quite an intimate read. The p

Prince Harry's memoir 'Spare'

5 Biggest Revelations From Prince Harry’s Memoir ‘Spare’

If you thought the revelations made in Harry & Meghan were explosive, then brace yourself because Prince Harry’s new tell-all memoir Spare packs even bigger revelations and some serious TMIs! Ever since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped back from royal duties and relocated to the United States, Prince Harry has been forthcoming about his strug

Kim Namjoon of BTS

7 Books That Kim Namjoon Of BTS Loves (And Recommends)

One of the reasons behind Korean supergroup BTS’ unparalleled success and ascent to the top is the group’s brilliant and astute leader Kim Namjoon, or RM, who is, and there’s no other word for it, a genius. Not only does the rapper have an IQ of 148, putting him in the one per cent of Koreans with that high of a number on the IQ scale, RM is fluent