Margaret Atwood Is Attempting To Burn A Copy Of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ For A Very Good Reason

Publishing giant Penguin Random House recently shared a video of Canadian author Margaret Atwood firing a flamethrower at a copy of one of her most popular works The Handmaid’s Tale, only to reveal that no harm came to the book as it was ‘unburnable’. The powerful visuals are to promote the upcoming auction of a specially made copy of the classic b

7 Movie Adaptations Of Literary Classics That Should Be On Your Watch List

Whether you love reading books or not, reading old classics is not everyone’s cup of tea. From the ancient-sounding prose to the outdated setting, it can be hard to relate to the story at times, despite how well-loved it is. But these are stories that are loved for the most part, which is why there have been many attempts at adapting these old clas