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‘Bookshelf Wealth’ Is The Most Beautiful Design Trend Of 2024

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

In another episode of Gen Z’s need to put labels on lifestyle trends that have been around for ages to feed the rapidly declining sense of individualism, ‘Bookshelf Wealth’ trend has emerged as one of the major decor trend that we’d be seeing everywhere in 2024.

An offshoot of the ‘Quiet Luxury’ trend and a distant cousin to the ‘Dark Academia’ microtrend that’s beloved on social media platforms, ‘Bookshelf Wealth’ is exactly what the name suggests. It’s about displaying your collection of books in a way that looks intentionally disheveled and embraces maximalism.

What is the ‘Bookshelf Wealth’ trend?

Essentially, the trend is all about organically building a collection of books and displaying them in an aesthetically pleasing way that highlights the books and conveys your personal style. The trend has amassed millions of views and impressions across platforms, with people sharing how they’ve chosen to organise their bookshelves.

‘Bookshelf Wealth’ is about intentional curation and not clutter and steers away from overly polished and super organised spaces that populate decor trend spaces online.

How to nail the ‘Bookshelf Wealth’ trend?

The key to get it right is authenticity. ‘Bookshelf Wealth’ is not just about having a collection of books displayed but your own personality reflected on the shelves through the books you like and collect. Experts recommend adding assorted trinkets along with the books on the shelves to nail the trend, like souvenirs from your travels, photo frames, planters, or lamps. It has to give a cosy and lived-in look, reminiscent of a well-loved library.

Additionally, you can play around with how you stack your books. Mixing up vertical and horizontal stacking can add visual interest to your shelf.