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6 Books That Are On Mira Kapoor’s Reading List This Month

As an avid reader and wellness influencer, Mira Rajput Kapoor understands the importance of continuous growth and learning in life. Recently, she shared her reading list for the month on Instagram stories, encompassing a wide array of genres and topics.

mira kapoor books©Instagram
mira kapoor books©Instagram

From skincare secrets to espionage insights, these six books promise to enrich her mind and spirit. Let’s explore the diverse selection that Mira Kapoor is exploring this month.

6 Books Mira Kapoor Is Reading This Month

1. Younger Skin Starts in the Gut by Dr. Nigma Talib

In this enlightening read, world-renowned naturopathic doctor Dr. Nigma Talib reveals the crucial connection between gut health and youthful skin. Through a comprehensive four-week program and healthy recipes, Dr. Talib offers solutions to various signs of ageing, from uneven skin tone to adult acne. Actress Penelope Cruz attests to the effectiveness of Dr. Talib’s approach, making this book a must-read for anyone seeking glowing, healthy skin.

2. The Unending Game by Vikram Sood

Former chief of India’s external intelligence agency, Vikram Sood, takes readers on a captivating journey into the world of espionage. Deconstructing the myths surrounding spy operations, Sood provides insights into the history, methods, and challenges of intelligence gathering. From the Cold War era to the age of global jihad, this book offers a fascinating glimpse into the shadowy realm of spies and their impact on global affairs.

3. R. N. Kao: Gentleman Spymaster by Nitin A Gokhale

Nitin A Gokhale delves into the life and legacy of Rameshwar Nath Kao, the founding father of India’s Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW). Despite his private nature, Kao played a pivotal role in shaping India’s intelligence landscape, from the 1971 war to the creation of Bangladesh. Drawing on personal papers and interviews, Gokhale paints a vivid portrait of this enigmatic figure, offering readers a rare glimpse into the world of covert operations.

4. Alchemy: The Magic of Original Thinking in a World of Mind-Numbing Conformity by Rory Sutherland

In this thought-provoking book, advertising legend Rory Sutherland challenges conventional wisdom by championing the power of creativity and irrationality. Through compelling anecdotes and cutting-edge behavioural science, Sutherland argues that logic alone cannot solve the world’s most pressing problems. Instead, he advocates for embracing original thinking and exploring unconventional solutions—a message that resonates deeply in today’s increasingly complex world.

5. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy by John le Carré

A classic of the spy fiction genre, John le Carré‘s masterpiece follows the quest of George Smiley to uncover a Soviet mole within British Intelligence. With its intricate plot and rich character development, this novel offers a gripping portrayal of espionage during the Cold War era. As Smiley navigates a web of deception and betrayal, readers are drawn into a world where trust is a rare commodity and nothing is as it seems.

6. Chanakya’s 7 Secrets of Leadership by Radhakrishnan Pillai and D. Sivanandhan

Drawing inspiration from the ancient Indian philosopher Chanakya, this book presents a model of leadership based on the principles of governance outlined in the Arthashastra. Co-authored by leadership guru Radhakrishnan Pillai and former Director General of Police D. Sivanandhan, the book offers practical insights into effective leadership through case studies and real-world examples. Whether leading a nation or an organisation, Chanakya’s timeless wisdom proves invaluable in today’s dynamic world.

From skincare secrets to espionage insights, these six books offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration across various genres. So, if you’re looking to add new, interesting books to your reading list, this is your sign.