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5 Thriller K-Dramas That Pack A Powerful Twist

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

While we love a good romantic K-drama, there’s no denying that the genre has the best collection of Korean thriller TV shows. From murder mysteries to revenge thrillers, these K-dramas do not hold back when it comes to exploring dark themes and delivering twists that pull the rug right from under your feet.

If you’re looking to watch a TV show that will keep you hooked with twists and turns, then we’ve got just the right watchlist for you. These K-dramas are dark, thrilling, mysterious and pack a powerful twist (or twists, in most cases!). Take a look…

Best Thriller K-Dramas With Shocking Twists To Watch On Netflix and Viki

Signal (2017)

This thriller K-drama will have you hooked right from the get-go. A cold case profiler from 2015 finds a mysterious walkie-talkie that connects him to a detective from 1989. The unlikely duo team up to solve cold cases using their inexplainable connection and everything goes smoothly until they discover something that changes everything. Even if you saw that twist coming from afar, you’d be left stunned.

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Flower of Evil (2020)

While investigating a murder, a homicide detective discovers that her husband might be hiding a deep dark secret. The show is one of the finest thrillers of recent times and successfully manages to keep you hooked with cliffhangers and plot twists that you never see coming.

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Extracurricular (2020)

In this show, a teenager gets involved in a dangerous business to pay his tuition fee. Things get complicated when his peers discover his secret. Be warned, this K-drama is not for the faint of heart. Every episode uncovers a brutal secret and features twists that hits hard.

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Mouse (2021)

If you love murder mysteries that delve deep into the psyche of psychopathic killers, you cannot give this one a miss. In the show, a detective and a rookie officer team up to catch a serial killer who is wreaking havoc in a small town. This K-drama will keep you firmly placed on the edge of your seat and take your breath away with the many twists it packs.

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Beyond Evil (2021)

When a murder resembling a cold case from years ago occurs in a small town, two policemen begin to investigate and hunt for the truth. Both of them have a deep and painful connection to the past murder and hide secrets of their own. The thriller eschews regular beats of the genre to take viewers by surprise by the time they reach the end.

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