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Deep Diving Into The ‘Delusionship’ Dating Trend

In the fast-paced world of modern dating, there’s a new buzzword that’s making its way to the forefront: ‘delusionship.’ But don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds; chances are, you’ve experienced it before, just under a different name.

So, what exactly is a delusionship? Picture this: you find yourself daydreaming about that intriguing barista who smiled at you and called you “love” while handing over your coffee. Suddenly, you’re envisioning a lifetime together, from adventurous vacations to having kids like Ali from Dhoom 2. Sound familiar? Well, congratulations, you might be in a delusionship!

The delusionship is 2023’s trendy way of saying you’re infatuated with someone you haven’t established a proper relationship with. It could be that person you exchange texts with or even someone you’ve matched with on a dating app but haven’t met in person. The delusionship is built on fantasies of what could be, rather than concrete reality.

Now, before you panic about being stuck in a potentially toxic habit, know that it’s okay to daydream about people and potential relationships. It’s like trying people out, figuring out if you’d be a good fit together, and recognising the value you bring to a romantic connection.

But here’s the catch: it’s essential to balance those daydreams with a sense of reality. While fantasising is helpful for manifesting desires, living solely in that fantastical place without taking any action towards the future can lead to delusion. Placing someone on a pedestal and idealising them might set you up for disappointment when they don’t live up to your imagined perfection.

Now, how do you spot a delusionship in your life? If you catch yourself spending more time thinking about someone who doesn’t even know you exist, rather than engaging with viable dating options, you might be in delulu territory. Delusionships are often one-sided relationships sustained by an illusion of a whirlwind romance with someone who isn’t reciprocating the same level of interest.

But fear not! If you find yourself entangled in a delusionship, there’s a way out. Dating experts suggest going cold turkey. Stop the incessant social media scrolling, quit re-reading old messages, and be aware of when you slip into fantasy mode. Writing down your thoughts can help you differentiate between personal fiction and reality.

Yes, it may be challenging to let go of your idea of someone, but doing so opens the door to a real-world relationship that can be much more fulfilling. Focus on yourself, show yourself some love, and make room for a connection with genuine potential.

In the end, delusionships can be entertaining, relatable, and even humorous. But remember, it’s essential to ground yourself in reality and invest in relationships with equal levels of commitment from both sides. So, the next time you catch yourself in a delulu trance, take a step back, laugh it off, and embrace the adventures of real-world dating.

In this era of crazy trends, delusionships may come and go, but one thing remains constant: the excitement and thrill of romance that lies ahead. So seize the date, stay positive, and who knows, maybe you’ll find the perfect match to turn those daydreams into a delightful reality.