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The ‘Summer Shading’ Dating Trend Explained

Ah, summertime, the season of sun-kissed skin, beach days, and ice-cold drinks. But amidst all the summer fun, there’s a dating trend that’s making waves: ‘summer shading.’ So, what exactly is this intriguing concept that’s got singles buzzing like bees at a picnic?

The Summer Shading Scoop

Picture this: it’s winter, and you find yourself snuggling under the blankets with your cuffing partner, binge-watching Netflix, and enjoying the warmth of each other’s company. But as the mercury rises and the days get longer, a new dating phenomenon emerges: summer shading!

This dating trend is all about embracing your freedom during the sunny months. It’s like putting your dating situation on standby, allowing yourself to enjoy a commitment-free summer. You’re not saying goodbye to your fling forever; you’re just putting it in the shade, giving yourself space to explore other options or simply revel in your own company.

Tina Wilson, founder of the dating app Wingman, explained in an interview the idea behind summer shading, saying that people want to let loose and have fun without attachments during the summer, only to potentially resume serious relationships when autumn comes and people start to hibernate a bit.

The Art of Summer Shading

Now, if you’re thinking about giving summer shading a whirl, the key is honesty and open communication. Remember, relationships should be built on trust and consent, so it’s essential to be upfront about your intentions and boundaries. If you’re not looking for anything serious, just say it! Being kind and clear will go a long way in navigating this new dating territory.

And what if you find yourself on the receiving end of a summer shading situation? Well, as hard as it may be, it’s time to let them go. Think of it as a holiday romance—enjoyable while it lasted, but not meant to be your person for the long term.

Signs You’re in the Shade

So, how can you tell if you’re being summer shaded? Look out for clues like decreased communication, a sense of distance, and cancelled plans. Your partner might seem preoccupied with other activities, spending time with friends, or jetting off on trips, all without you. It may feel like you’re at a standstill, neither progressing nor breaking up.

But here’s the twist: you might also be summer shading without even realising it! If you find yourself prioritising solo time or outings with friends over your partner consistently, you might desire more freedom or fear commitment on some level.

The Art of Conversation

If you sense that summer shading is happening in your situationship, it’s time to have a conversation. You don’t have to use the term ‘summer shading’ directly, but discussing your feelings and concerns openly is vital. Let your partner know where you stand, what you want, and see if your desires align.

And remember, if your partner isn’t on the same page, it’s time to wave them goodbye. Stick to your boundaries and savour your own hot girl or hot boy summer – you deserve it!

The Bottom Line?

Shading is the dating trend of the season, and it’s all about embracing the freedom that summer brings. Whether you’re exploring new connections or enjoying solo adventures, remember to be kind, communicate openly, and stay true to yourself.

So, dear singles, why not keep it cool, keep it fun, and who knows? Maybe you’ll find a love that lasts beyond the sunny days.