PR Daroz ceramic bowls for PFA© People For Animals

Artist PR Daroz Has Made 100 Ceramic Bowls For A Good Cause

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Legendary ceramic artist has collaborated with animal welfare organisation People For Animals (PFA) for a very special fundraising exhibition titled ‘100 Bowls by PR Daroz’.

The award-winning artist has made 100 ceramic bowls to be exhibited and sold to support India’s oldest and largest animal welfare organisation.

In the past, PFA has promoted art in its different forms through exhibitions that highlight a variety of artists and art forms. PFA’s chairperson Maneka Sanjay Gandhi has been a patron of the arts and believes in promoting awareness of the different forms of art in the country through these activities.

PR Daroz ceramic bowls for PFA©People For Animals

“There is no reason why art should be confined to canvas, or limited to a few people. PFA introduces a new and wonderful way to enjoy art. In the past few years our carpets, with art woven on them, simply flew off the walls at sell-out shows in Delhi and Mumbai and the same with our mugs, ceramic platters, 100 years old miniature mica paintings, Murano-style hand blown glasses and much more. PFA is grateful for the continuing support of India’s artists and to all the Sponsors for pitching in to help India’s animals.”

The artists shared his own sentiments about the exhibition and partnering up with PFA, “It is a matter of great pleasure for me to revisit the potter’s wheel once again through the

PR Daroz ceramic bowls for PFA©People For Animals

‘100 Bowls’ Show organised by People For Animals for the noble cause of animal welfare. The juxtaposition of two circular walls is metaphoric of our inner and outer self, where the outer wall with its rhythmic contours, textured surfaces, and fluidity meander around the inner circle, the inner circle stands composed, embracing all external movements. This variability and shifting of the focus of two circles are in tune with the traditional Indian world- view, which is simultaneous and integral.”

According to PFA, the one-of-a-kind bowls are already flying off the shelves as people want to bring home the collectible art. Each bowl is priced at INR 35,000.

PR Daroz’s bowls will be available for purchase at the exhibition organised by PFA at The Lalit Hotel in Delhi from 4-6th August, 2023.