Art exhibition ‘Tongue-In-Cheek’

These Artists Are Imagining ‘Play’ Like Never Before

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of the word ‘play’ is the unbridled joy and freedom of those childhood afternoons spent outside, running around and not worrying about the future. But as we grow older, do we lose the meaning and charm behind the word? This is exactly what curator Bavisha Variginda set out to explore while putting tog

VS Gaitonde’s Exhibit At The Guggenheim

The Curator Of VS Gaitonde's Exhibit At The Guggenheim Shares Just What Made His Work So Integral

Invited by MF Husain, SH Raza, and FN Souza into the select group of Indian Progressives, Vasudeo Gaitonde was a Maharashtrian artist who was celebrated more by the West than he was ever in India. Winner of The Young Artists Award in Tokyo in 1957 and the Rockefeller Artist Fellowship in 1964, Gaitonde exhibited his works around the world, includin

Global Art Trends

9 Trends That Are Taking The Global Art Scene By Storm

The ever-evolving world of art underwent a few drastic changes over the past couple of years. from new tech-based work like NFTs and crypto art making inroads into the industry, to the virtualisation of performing arts, we expect to see a few transitions raging in 2022. HELLO! tracks down a list of burgeoning trends in the global art scene that see