Arijit Singh Performs At Indigo2 In London

8 Of The Most Underrated Songs Brought To Life By Arijit Singh

Singer Arijit Singh, who celebrates his 36th birthday today, has had a long journey to stardom. In 2005, at the age of 18, he gained popularity through his participation in the reality TV show Fame Gurukul. Despite receiving much appreciation, Singh finished sixth, with contestants Qazi Touqeer and Ruprekha Banerjee winning the show. The panel of j

Antonio Santin

Spanish Artist Antonio Santin On What Lies Behind His ‘Rugs’

What would get an artist so obsessed with Persian-patterned rug designs, drawing viewers in so they crave to touch the ornate surfaces? What ecstatically perfectionist designs are these, so wonderfully illusory, that one forgets they are not tapestry but oil paint and sculptural ‘embroidery’? What of the consistent folds and bulges, suggesting some

artist Raghava KK interview

Multimedia Artist Raghava KK On The Advent Of AI Art & More

An artist with a groundbreaking body of work, he recently held a cutting-edge exhibition in Delhi that addressed the advent of AI. In a freewheeling chat with HELLO!, artist Raghava KKN discusses his interest in varied art forms and why he believes artists need to evolve with the times. Raghava KK is an intrepid storyteller who uses myriad mediums