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These Are The Habits To Get Rid Of, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Chharu Dhingra

Spring has sprung upon us and what better time than now to go on a complete detox! Now, before you jump to get on that green juice cleanse, wait up. I am not here to suggest any yo-yo diet plans but to give you a complete vibe check!

Believe it or not, Spring is the perfect time to clean up the messy corners of your aura.

If we were to get super technical, this is the best time to cleanse your vibrations off all the bad habits, unhealthy patterns and feelings that don’t serve you anymore as per the positions of the planets. Spring magically supports and quickens the exercise of releasing whatever is holding you back and helps you accept and attract what the universe has to offer.

So, without further ado, here’s what you need to let go off this Spring.


You need to stop making it your life’s mission to control every little thing around you. The truth is that you are annoying yourself way more than the people around you by constantly being the Monica of the group. Calm down, and be aware of the fact that you’re not always right.

Habits to Lose: Control, stubbornness, rigidity.


‘Money can’t buy you happiness’ is a cliché for many but for you, it needs to become your life mantra. Watch out; it won’t be long before you get trapped in your own casket of jewels.

Habits to Lose: Hoarding, overspending, materialistic judgments.


‘One Mind, Multiple Tabs’ has become your status quo! Just like that Instagram detox you’ve been putting off, you also need a break from your own never-ending thoughts. Allow your childlike instincts to set you free, Gemini.

Habits to Lose: Overthinking, mental stress, restlessness.

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We get it. You, more often than not, love acting once bitten twice shy, but it’s time to forgive and forget for your own peace of mind. Stop making your sensitive nature an excuse to confront your emotions—it’s time to release blocked feelings.

Habits to Lose: Carrying emotional baggage, holding old grudges, fearing the loss of loved ones.


Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all? No prize for guessing that in Leo’s world, the mirrors are always taking their name. We get your love for the spotlight, but it’s also important to know who you are without the adulation pouring in from all directions.

Habits to Lose: Fragile ego, vanity, approval from others.

Proper skincare is vital


Nothing is perfect for you Virgo, but what if it was never supposed to be? Stop living your life through the lens of a magnifying glass and loosen up. You can goof up sometimes too, nobody will know and nobody will tell!

Habits to Lose: Unrealistic standards, self-criticism, pessimism and cynical outlook.


It’s one thing to celebrate and find happiness in other people’s joy and an altogether different thing to put their happiness before your own. Learn the difference, Librans, and draw your boundaries accordingly. Self-love is never selfish, so stop with the guilt.

Habits to Lose: Appeasement of others, unbalanced emotions, self-neglect.

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It’s mind-blowing how you give every project, every relationship, every aspect of your life a full 100 percent. The intensity of your emotions is what draws people towards you. But oftentimes you make that dedication an excuse to fester unrealistic expectations, and when those expectations aren’t met, you draw up high walls.

Habits to Lose: Karmic baggage, jealousy, past hostilities and conflicts.


Your adventurous soul is always on the lookout for what’s next which, although is extremely exciting, can often build a sense of restlessness. Opt for a cosy night in with a good bowl of hot soup and an old rom-com on TV or will the FOMO get the better of you?

Habits to Lose: Need for instant gratification, instability, distracted and scattered mental state.


You are the ones who sneak in a laptop when going on a vacation you promised yourself you need, just in case the office needs you. Fuelled by ambitions and a disciplined lifestyle, your mind fails to strike a work-life balance that your soul craves.

Habits to Lose: The rat race mentality, feeling of inadequacy, physical and mental strain.

Habits Based On Your Zodiac Sign©Pexels


Driven by this need to take care of yourself and not be dependent on anyone else, you can find yourself very alone and bereft of deep connections. Sometimes you need to snap out of your utopian world and dance to the music of life with the rest. I promise it will get you grooving.

Habits to Lose: Cynicism, self-absorption, apathy and antisocial tendencies.


Imagine a pink bubble floating away to the skies of Neverland, that’s where you’ll find a Piscean dreaming their days away. Extremely imaginative and intuitive, they often disengage from the realities of the world. But it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee.

Habits to Lose: Delusions, impractical emotions, laziness and lack of action.