kiwi fruit© Unsplash

This Fruit Can Help Keep The Blues Away, Says Research

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

If the stress of work and the world around you has started to get to you more easily, you might want to add kiwi fruit to your diet every day to feel better. According to a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, kiwi fruits can improve your mood in only four days.

A group of researchers at the University of Otago studied the effects of Vitamin C found in kiwi and its mood-enhancing properties. For the study, they recruited 155 adults with low levels of Vitamin C. Over eight weeks, the individuals were assigned to one of three groups: A placebo group, a group receiving 250mg of Vitamin C supplement, and a group eating two kiwi fruits daily.

The findings were astounding as it was noted that the group consuming kiwis showed a significant boost in vitality and mood within four days, peaking around 14-16 days but flourishing from day 14. The group that received only Vitamin C supplements showed a marginal improvement in mood until day 12.


Kiwi fruits have a high Vitamin C content, almost three times more than that of oranges and strawberries. Vitamin C has been proven to be a mood booster, with many studies confirming that consuming it in the form of fruits and supplements can improve mood and vitality significantly.

The study’s co-author Professor Tamlin Conner noted that the findings provided a tangible and accessible way for people to support their mental well-being with a few lifestyle tweaks.

The researchers also noted that the study pointed towards the benefits of picking real sources of nutrients, like fruits, over supplements, and further drove home the importance of having a holistic diet.