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Walk in nature

This Experiment Shows What Just One Hour In Nature Does To Your Stress Levels

The results are in. Being in nature is actually good for you. GASP! Are you really surprised by that information? Numerous kinds of research would attest to the fact that city life is not great for your health. Studies have linked urban environments to an increased risk of anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems. Taking a break from t

Yes, Increased Screen Time Affects Your Mental Health In More Ways Than One

It’s becoming more evident day by day that staying indoors, in the safety of your own homes, is the best way to get through the pandemic. The banana breads and online workout tutorials of the first lockdown are a distant memory and we’re back to spending worrying amounts of time in front of our screens, whether it’s to pass time or for work. It’s n

The Impact Of The Pandemic On Your Mental Health Was More Severe Than You Thought

The past two years have been unprecedented in world history, and the toll is no longer just physical—we are also carrying the emotional burden of living with uncertainty, fear of newer variants, and the knowledge that our lives can change overnight. Research agrees, with studies observing a worrying spike in anxiety, distress and low self-esteem. B