This Trick Can Help You Stick To Your New Year’s Resolution

With all the fervent optimism in abundance on New Year’s Eve, I resolved to learn Japanese in 2019. My tool of choice was the app Duolingo and, even though the choice seems dubious and ill-advised in hindsight, I was ready to add Japanese to my language arsenal by the end of the year. The app drew me in with its bright graphics and preppy sound eff

Solar activity

We’re About To Enter ‘Solar Maximum’, Here’s Why That’s Scary

If you’ve been noticing more and more headlines about solar flares and eruptions on the Sun’s surface recently, it’s all because we’re about to enter ‘Solar Maximum’ a full year ahead of when it was originally predicted to happen. What is ‘Solar Maximum’, you ask? It represents a peak in solar activity when the sun’s magnetic field reaches its stro

Relationship Burnout

Are You Headed Towards A ‘Relationship Burnout’?

Do you find yourself asking yourself why you entered the relationship you’re currently in? Is the relationship nothing like what you had envisioned it to be? Then you, according to a recent study, might be heading towards a ‘relationship burnout’. While burnout is usually associated with work-related issues, these researchers figured out how people

Space Diamond

A 4.5 Billion-Year-Old Space Diamond Has Been Discovered On Earth

Geologist Andy Tomkins was on a regular field visit in the North-West African region to categorise meteorites, as one does, when he stumbled upon an incredible discovery. He came across a strange “bended” diamond in a meteorite that he later discovered was lonsdaleite, a rare hexagonal stone from space. Tomkins, who is a professor at Monash Univers

Frequent Naps Health Problems Study

Frequent Naps Are Linked To Serious Health Problems, Says Study

While there are few things in the world that are better than a lazy afternoon nap, following a good lunch, a new study points toward these naps being linked to some pretty serious health issues. A recent study revealed that regular or frequent napping is correlated with a higher risk of hypertension and stroke. Many previous studies have noted a po

Invisible Black Hole

An ‘Invisible’ Black Hole Is Lurking Outside Our Galaxy

If there are any black holes listening, can you just stop for a moment and give us time to breathe? It wasn’t long after one of these supermassive star graves was captured on a special space camera that astronomers spotted the fastest growing black hole in the universe. And if recent reports are to be believed, astronomers have spotted an invisible