Study on Phone And Laptop Screen Time

Your Phone And Laptop Might Be Causing You To Age Faster

While your phones and laptops might be a great tool for keeping you connected to the rest of the world (and the Internet that’s filled with wild theories about Queen Elizabeth reincarnating as YouTuber Trisha Paytas’ baby), they’re also a big source of blue light exposure. Prolonged exposure to the light that emits from these devices has been prove

Extra Salt Is Killing You

Extra Salt Is Killing You Slowly, Says New Study

How many times have you tasted something on the dining table and grimaced at the bland-tasting food, only to add extra salt to it? If the answer is ‘more times than you can recall’, then you need to rethink your life (and food) choices pronto! According to a study published in the European Heart Journal, frequently adding extra salt to your food af

Astronomers Detected a Mysterious Radio Signal

Woah! A Hearbeat-Like Signal Was Detected In Deep Space

It’s a good week to be a space enthusiast. Not only did the highly-anticipated and stunning photos of the deep reaches of universe taken by the James Webb Space Telescope come through, astronomers have also detected a mysterious radio signal from deep space that sounds like a beating heart. These radio signals are known as Fast Radio Bursts, and th