Solar activity

We’re About To Enter ‘Solar Maximum’, Here’s Why That’s Scary

If you’ve been noticing more and more headlines about solar flares and eruptions on the Sun’s surface recently, it’s all because we’re about to enter ‘Solar Maximum’ a full year ahead of when it was originally predicted to happen. What is ‘Solar Maximum’, you ask? It represents a peak in solar activity when the sun’s magnetic field reaches its stro

Eating food

The Time You Eat Can Have An Impact On Your Mental Health

With working hours becoming more unorthodox over the past few years, our sleeping and eating patterns have gone out of whack. Aside from a perpetual scramble to maintain some semblance of social life, this has caused a slew of physical and mental health problems. Studies have proven that even after years of spending hours being awake late at night,

Study on Phone And Laptop Screen Time

Your Phone And Laptop Might Be Causing You To Age Faster

While your phones and laptops might be a great tool for keeping you connected to the rest of the world (and the Internet that’s filled with wild theories about Queen Elizabeth reincarnating as YouTuber Trisha Paytas’ baby), they’re also a big source of blue light exposure. Prolonged exposure to the light that emits from these devices has been prove

Frequent Naps Health Problems Study

Frequent Naps Are Linked To Serious Health Problems, Says Study

While there are few things in the world that are better than a lazy afternoon nap, following a good lunch, a new study points toward these naps being linked to some pretty serious health issues. A recent study revealed that regular or frequent napping is correlated with a higher risk of hypertension and stroke. Many previous studies have noted a po

Health Benefits of Sleeping Next To Your Partner

New Research Suggests That Sleeping Next To Your Partner Can Actually Have Health Benefits

Researchers from the University of Arizona have, apparently, made their mission to make single people all over the world feel terrible about their life choices, conscious or otherwise. In a paper presented at the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society, a research group from the University revealed that they have data that

black hole

Scientists Have Identified The Fastest-Growing Black Hole In The Universe

It seems like it’s black hole season now because every day there’s a new discovery and while it’s great for astronomers who want to understand how the universe works, it’s not really great for anyone who wants to plan whether or not they should worry about not getting enough food that is not processed sugar in their bodies (AKA me) because we’re al