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This Is Officially The Happiest Country In The World In 2024

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

The World Happiness Report for 2024 is in with a ranking of countries based on happiness levels. Aside from revealing which countries are the happiest in the world, the report also comes with some surprising insights.

For the seventh time in a row, Finland secured the top spot on the list. It is officially the happiest coutnry in the world. It is followed by Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Israel, Netherlands, Norway, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Australia in the top 10 spots.

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Amongst the 143 nations that were reanked on the list, India placed at the 126th spot.

According to the report, older age in India was associated with higher life satisfaction. However, the report also noted that older Indian women reported lower life satisfaction than older men. It went on to state that education and caste played an important role as older adults with secondary or higher education or those of higher social caste reporting more life satisfaction than their counterparts without formal education or those belonging to scheduled castes and scheduled tribes.

In more insights that aren’t really surprising, the report revealed that, worldwide, women were less happy than men in every region with the gender gap widening as they aged.

The World Happiness Report is published annually by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, in partnership with Gallup, the Oxford Wellbeing Research Centre, and the WHR’s Editorial Board. It takes into account six variables, including GDP per capita, healthy life expectancy, having someone to count on, freedom to make life choices, generosity and freedom from corruption.