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How To Make Tara Sutaria’s Delicious Go-To Breakfast Sandwich At Home

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

In between sharing OOTDs and sneak-peeks at her upcoming projects, Tara Sutaria likes to share her food journey with her followers.

The actress recently revealed her go-to comfort food on her Instagram Stories. Sutaria shared a photo of a delectable-looking ham sandwich with a side of a runny fried egg. “Nothing in the world like comfort food! Runny fried eggs and a ham sandwich. This is every good Parsi’s go-to midnight snack/breakfast lol (sic),” wrote the actress.

Tara Sutaria Instagram Stories©Tara Sutaria

If you’re looking to try Sutaria’s ham and egg sandwich yourself, then fret not, we’ve got your back. The sandwich is surprisingly easy to whip up even if you’re not a pro in the kitchen. You can either make like the actress and have the over-easy fried egg as a side to the sandwich or place it in the middle of the sandwich, the choice is yours.

A Simple Chicken Ham Sandwich

Ham sandwich©Unsplash


2 Slices of Chicken Ham

1 Tablespoon Butter

1 Cheese Slice

2 Pieces of Lettuce Leaf

1 Small Tomato

2 Slices of White Bread


1) Apply a little butter to the pieces of bread and lightly grill them. Keep them aside once done.

2) You can butter the bread once more, if you like, and then place one lettuce leaf on the grilled bread along with tomato slices. Top it with the slices of chicken ham and then cheese. Finally, add one more lettuce leaf and top it with the other slice of grilled bread.

3) Place the sandwich back on the grill for five minutes. Your sandwich is now ready to eat and you can enjoy it with the dip of your choice.

The perfect runny fried egg

Fried egg©Unsplash


1 Tablespoon Butter or Oil

1 Large Egg

Salt and Pepper (for seasoning)


1) Place a nonstick pan over medium heat and melt the butter (or heat oil).

2) Crack the egg into the pan.

3) Cook for three minutes, or until the white is set. Flip and cook for 30 seconds or until the white is just set. Remove from pan and season with salt and pepper.

Voilà, enjoy your snack à la Sutaria.