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Are You A Whiskey Connoisseur? These Homegrown Brands Are Worth A Taste

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Naina Atri

Whether you like it smooth and smokey or sweet and spicy, a good whiskey is the perfect companion in any season. Did you know that several Indian labels have steadily been innovating and crafting the premium bronze spirit?

Whiskey Brands in India

With a consumer base that is constantly thirsty for more, the growth of the Indian whiskey industry has no end in sight. Over the past few years, the number of Indian whiskey brands have increased slowly but steadily to include some of the finest names in the industry. Here are some of our favourite Indian whiskey brands that your bar needs…

Mithuna by Paul John

As part of the Zodiac Series, Paul John launched Mithuna, a month of the Indian solar calendar and the counterpart to the Gemini astrological sign. The single malt is first matured in American oak cases and then finished in ex-bourbon cases.

With the aromas of liquorice and vanilla, and flavours of coffee mocha, orange peel and the classic oak, this single malt was an instant sensation even before it was launched. Jim Murray announced the Mithuna to be the world’s third best whiskey in his Whisky Bible 2021. It was also deemed Asia’s Best Whisky for the year 2021, so get your hands on it if you haven’t already!

 Kamet by Peak Spirits

In collaboration with Piccadilly Distillery, Peak Spirits released Kamet, with master sommelier Ken Fredrickson. The developers of the whiskey have a strong belief in India’s ability to produce quality and complex whiskey. Most Indian whiskey isn’t technically whiskey, since they’re usually made of molasses. However, Kamet, named after a mountain peak of the Himalayas, is one of the few that can be classified as a genuine single malt. The Kamet is matured over a long period of time in ex-Bourbon American Oak, ex-wine French Oak and ex-Sherry casks. Hints of oak, vanilla, dried fruit notes, and a chocolate aftertaste make the drink a smooth one.

Amrut Fusion Single Malt

Though it debuted in 2009, the Amrut Fusion Single Malt continues to be the most eminent Indian whiskey. Amrut bottled a fusion of Indian malt and Scottish peated malt (hence the name), and it won a spot as the third best whiskey in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible. A decade later, Amrut, considered to be the harbinger of India’s love affair with single malt, launched the special edition Fusion X.


Produced by a family-run distillery in Goa, Woodburns is a full-bodied whiskey which prides itself for being totally Indian. Affordable and award-winning, the blended whiskey has a distinct charcoal flavour and dark chocolate notes. Woodburns Whisky owes its dark caramel shade to the handcrafted and charred barrels it was aged in, and the whiskey is hailed as the everyday drink for contemporary Indian life.

Solan No. 1

Produced by India’s oldest distillery in Kasauli, the Solan No. 1 is made with malted barley, just as the Scotts intended it. Distilled in Scottish stills, the whiskey is then matured in oak barrels, and the result is a light, amber-coloured spirit. The orange-flavoured blended whiskey has a long history and while other Indian whiskeys can be suspected, the Solan is a true whisky, even by international standards. Fun fact, the same distillery produces another old favourite—Old Monk.

Peter Scot Black by House of Khodays

Keeping up with its commitment to providing premium whiskey to Indian enthusiasts, the Peter Scot label launched the Peter Scot Black Single Malt. The viscous spirit instantly smells of vanilla and butterscotch. Launched in 2019, the drink is meant to be an indulgent treat that fits right into luxe lifestyles.