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House Of Misu Founder Mitali Sagar On The Future Of Social Media

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Chaiti Narula

I still remember the time before House Of Misu became what it is today. Mitali Sagar was alway a fashionista. It became second nature to her. She was always effortlessly chic. So, doing what she does today was always a calling.

What is commendable is that she saw opportunity then when no one thought Instagram would become what it is today — a force, a trend maker and a powerful marketing tool.

Mitali had the ability to predict that and pursue her dreams at a time when no one understood what she wanted to achieve. It took guts, conviction and dedication. And she seemed to have all of it.

Cut to present and House Of Misu is a handle and a brand that resonates with responsible luxury. Mitali has what it takes to be a custodian of a luxury brand — her innate style, class, elegance and wit make her one of the most sought after influencers in the country today.

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