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Couturiers Shantnu And Nikhil Reflect On Their Incredible Journey

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Chaiti Narula

In a no-holds-barred conversation, couturier brothers Shantnu and Nikhil open up about all the ups and downs faced in this fiercely competitive space.

From their bootstrapped beginnings to feeling the high of their first gown being worn by Shilpa Shetty, ace designer Nikhil reflects on their their incredible journey where the first very gown they ever made had found itself on an international green carpet!

The brothers are extremely hardworking. I interviewed them first about ten years ago over a leisurely game of golf and they had casually mentioned their growth plans. Cut to a decade later and they have achieved all of that and more.

And today, they’re known for their signature silhouettes: the cowl drape shirts for men, their effortless pre-draped sarees — one of which I wore at the Emmy’s red carpet in 2021 and a handful of stylists and actors asked me who I was wearing — that’s the beauty of a Shantnu Nikhil outfit. It’s made to perfection and stands out. I don’t say this ever in my write ups for many.

What I find interesting about the brothers is how they balance each other — both have different temperaments, skill sets and complete each others visions to take their brand to a point of success.

Watch this episode of The Clique to find out more about their 25-year-old journey.

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