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Selena Gomez Shows Us How To Style A Mini Skirt For Winter

In the heart of Tribeca, under the city lights and winter chill, Selena Gomez graced the streets of New York like a fashion-savvy, mystery-solving maestro. The Rare Beauty mogul was not just promoting her latest body care range; she was making an undeniable statement with an outfit that blended sophistication and a touch of the enigmatic flair we adore from her character, Mabel Mora, from Only Murders In The Building.

The Ensemble

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Gomez didn’t just brave the New York winter; she conquered it with an ensemble that effortlessly blended high-end elegance and street-smart warmth. Dressed in a herringbone two-piece from the fashion powerhouse Miu Miu, she wore the cropped Black Single-Breasted Chevron Jacket and paired it with the coordinating Chevron mini skirt, cinched at the waist with the exquisite Khaite Lucca Belt.

Layered Brilliance: A Lesson In Winter Couture

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Embracing the season with both arms, Selena Gomez mastered the art of layering, showcasing her aptitude for winter chic. A semi-sheer black turtleneck called ‘Colorado Body’ from Wolford set the stage, creating a harmonious play of textures. The IND 100 Leg Tights introduced a sultry edge to the outfit, seamlessly transitioning from cosy elegance to a sophisticated flair.

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To battle the biting cold, Gomez enveloped herself in The Frankie Shop’s Gaia Double-Breasted Coat in navy, proving that warmth need not compromise style. The oversized silhouette not only shielded her from the winter breeze but also added a touch of drama, transforming the streets of Tribeca into her personal runway.

Footwear Fit For A Style Sleuth

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No winter look is complete without the right pair of shoes, and Gomez nailed it with Stuart Weitzman’s Vida 100 Mary Jane pumps. The patent finish elevated the ensemble, offering a sophisticated edge that effortlessly bridged the gap between classic and contemporary.

Celebrity fashion stylist Erin Walsh orchestrated Gomez’s OOTD, ensuring each piece harmonised with the next. Assisted by Ashley Afriyie and Avantika Nehru, the trio curated an outfit that transcended seasonal norms.

The Accessories

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Selena Gomez’s winter elegance wasn’t just confined to clothing; it extended to her choice of accessories. The Hearts On Fire Vela Twisted Drop Earrings, priced at $18,500, dangled as subtle statements of luxury, while her choice of cherry-red nails subtly contrasted the ensemble’s monochrome palette.

The Beauty Look

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Hung Vanngo, the magician behind Gomez’s flawless make-up, crafted a look that was both classic and mysterious with berry-toned lips, flushed cheeks and subtle smokey eyes. Styled by Orlando Pita, the pop star’s simple half-updo hairstyle revealed honey blonde highlights, perfectly framing her face. The smokey eyes, peachy lips and cherry red nails (done by Tom Bachik), added a touch of glamour to the overall ensemble, alluding to her character Mabel’s signature vibes.

From the carefully curated layers to the chic accessories, every detail spoke volumes, proving once again that Gomez is not just a pop sensation but a timeless style icon. So, the next time you find yourself facing winter’s icy winds, take a cue from Gomez: embrace the chill with style, sophistication and a touch of mystery. After all, winter is just another season to ‘sleigh’.