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HELLO! 100 Most Influential: Rahul Mishra

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Divya Mishra

Why he matters: More an artist than a couturier, this designer lends new meaning to the very idea of sustainable fashion, perceiving luxury through the lens of participation, not mere consumption. Fellow couturier and also his wife, Divya Mishra takes us through the mind of this innovator.

It all began 17 years ago at the NID Campus in Ahmedabad. Sitting among a group of freshers at the Design Lab on Orientation Day, I was fervently praying that no senior would request me for a ‘social interaction’ session — a new-age term for ragging. Amid all the unknown faces, I caught a glimpse of a tall, handsome senior, with long hair and a beard, looking straight into my eyes from across the room. I was instantly drawn to him, but I pretended not to take notice! This was the first time I saw Rahul…

He was the popular senior, with a trail of accolades already to his name. Having just made his debut at Lakmé Fashion Week in Mumbai, he had received an international scholarship to study at Istituto Marangoni Milan, a ‘Pride of NID’ award, and a Golden Scale ‘Best Student Designer of the Year’ award.

The universe had truly conspired to bring us together. So who were we to stand in its way? We started dating, but our happiness was short-lived, for Rahul was on the verge of leaving for a year-long stint at Milan.

As the saying goes, distance makes the heart grow fonder. And the distance did indeed bring the two of us closer, with all our calls over Skype cementing our bond—so much so that we ended up finalising our wedding date soon after!

The Ultimate Craftsman

Amid all the noise in the fashion world, Rahul Mishra commands the room with a soft yet strong voice, deep and calm like a majestic river. I’ve seen him work tirelessly on concepts of tessellation, metamorphosis, graphic design and essentially all that the brand stands for today.

Rahul isn’t just a fashion designer—he’s a thinker and an innovator. He can design everything from a table and a chair, to a space and even a house! He effortlessly cuts patterns, stitches garments, repairs gadgets, counsels a distressed soul… And sometimes, cooks delicious yellow dal!

The Heart of Our Home

Hailing from a humble background, Rahul had limited means and resources, but what he had in abundance was a fiercely ambitious soul, manifesting his success to where he stands today—in Paris!

Above all, he’s a caring father and a loving husband. We’re each other’s biggest critics, yet the best of friends. Together, we’re building a community that believes in the dreams and passions of the brand—and the man behind the scenes, Rahul Mishra.

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