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Rahul Mishra On Honing The Craft Of A Master Couturier

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Chaiti Narula

Back from Paris, the ‘Superheroes’ Divya and Rahul Mishra surprised us with their collection, yet again. The duo closed the latest edition of the Lakme Fashion Week x FDCI earlier this month with a showcase titled ‘Sculpt’ from his easy-to-wear line, AFEW, which had everyone on their feet and applauding the ace designer and his works of art.

What’s interesting to note about Rahul is that he keeps innovating and pays homage to the smaller things in life: be it botanicals, his kaarigars or insects! That, to my mind sets him apart. Of course, the craftsmanship is impeccable but it is always well thought out with a story.

He has been speaking to me about a house he’s building in Uttarakhand for a while now. Interestingly, this time he was inspired by the insects, wildlife and snakes that surround the property. He reveals the reason why they inspired him on thepe latest episode of The Clique.

Rahul Mishra always comes with a socio-economic message. And endangerment of insects is the last thing you would imagine a couturier to focus on. He thinks of his collections like an artist, and the person who chooses to wear his designs, wears a message.

Catch this week’s episode of The Clique to know the deeper layers of the master couturier’s thought process and the role his wife, Divya, plays in his success. It is heartwarming.

Watch Divya And Rahul Mishra On Episode 7 Of The Clique Ft Chaiti Narula: