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Isha Multani’s Guide To Adding Colour To Your Wedding Wardrobe

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Isha Multani’s career as a luxury wedding influencer started off as a happy accident. “When I got married, the content from the ceremony started going viral. It wasn’t because I was live posting from the wedding or anything. This was happening because all the vendors I had used for the wedding and the makeup artists, the hair stylists and the rest, were sharing stuff on their feeds and it just started getting picked up!”

Isha Multani©Isha Multani

The subsequent global lockdown during the pandemic allowed her to explore this new side of her content on Instagram and the rest was history. The influencer finds this new found fame ironic, given that she was never a ‘wedding person’. “It’s actually my husband who is the life of every party. Everyone on my Instagram knows this. He loves weddings.”

But it was her fondness for Indian wedding attire, something that she admits she inherited from her mother, that allowed her to become a wedding influencer. “I think it was inside me all along, I just didn’t realise it.”

This love for all things wedding wear means that Multani’s followers get a front seat to lessons on how to experiment with your outfits for the wedding season, as a bride or a guest. For instance, she wore an Alia Bhatt-inspired grey lehenga for her brother’s wedding and it became a huge hit online.

The key, she says, is to always put your own spin on the outfit. She admits that she loves recreating the looks she sees on celebrities, especially Deepika Padukone, but makes sure to keep it true to her style too. “My thing would be never to fully copy but just always to take inspiration.”

Isha Multani©Isha Multani

One wedding wear trend that has been popularised by celebrities is ditching the traditional red for their wedding outfits and going for colours like pink and orange for the big day. Many designers, like Abhinav Mishra and Varun Bahl, have introduced wider colour palettes for brides to pick from. So what does Multani have to say about adding colours to your wedding wardrobe?

“I’m all for it because I picked a gold bronze for my wedding!” she exclaimed. “I’ve been trying to get my sister to try a mint blue lehenga for her wedding because it would look amazing on her and I, personally, don’t like stereotypical colours.”

The influencer has a few pointers for those who, like her, want to try experimenting with different colours for their wedding wardrobes. “The important thing to remember is that there are no rules,” she says, “Experiment with your silhouettes, proportions, and even colours. I paired a red lehenga with a purple dupatta and a pink blouse. It shouldn’t have worked but when I actually put them together, it did. So don’t be afraid to try a few different combinations.”

Isha Multani©Isha Multani

She divulges that she gets messages on Instagram from people who ask her advice on trying out different colours for their bridal outfits. “Many people have inhibitions about how certain colours might look on their skin. There’s this misconception that colours like blush pink won’t work with darker skin tones. That’s just not true. But people buy into these stereotypes and refuse to even try these lighter colours. This is why my most important tip would be to actually try it before you reject it.”