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Varun Bahl’s Advice For Brides Who Want Floral Wedding Wear

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Designer Varun Bahl is in the middle of preparing for his upcoming showcase at India Couture Week 2023 and he can’t be more excited. “I am aiming to transcend the boundaries of Indian Couture and embrace a global evolution!” says Bahl.

Varun Bahl for ICW 2023©Varun Bahl

The designer can be credited with bringing about a renewed appreciation for florals, especially in the bridal and festive wear space and his upcoming collection Inner Bloom is an extension of his ongoing creative exploration of flora and fauna.

“With Inner Bloom, you’ll step into a world where artistry intervenes with fashion, delicate threadwork weaves dreams into reality and creativity knows no limits,” he says, “The inspiration comes from the allure of flora & fauna and harmonizes unusual textures and surfaces work such as feathers, sequins, 3D embroidered flowers and handcrafted embroideries in a mesmerizing dance, resulting in pieces that embody opulence and innovation.”

Varun Bahl for ICW 2023©Varun Bahl

The designer adds, “The collection also incorporates sporadic, asymmetrical and voluptuous cuts, creating a bold and modern aesthetic. Trailing capes and jackets are also introduced, adding drama and movement to the outfits.”

When we ask him what exactly it is about florals that has continued to inspire him over the years, he says, “My love for florals is well known, and rightly so. I love nature and I find myself incorporating elements of it in my collections since I can remember. Flowers in particular are very versatile and I love experimenting with them through applique work, handcrafted and 3D embroideries, prints and more.”

Varun Bahl Dress for ICW 2023©Varun Bahl

Last year, the designer’s collection ‘New Leaf’ explored the ethereal quality of forests and featured motifs and textures inspired by them. With ‘Inner Bloom’, Bahl says he is seeking to reinvent the idea of couture and expand his consumer base to a younger audience.

“ definitely believe it is essential, especially now, to leap forward from traditional wedding couture and explore the new way in which global couture is moving. With Inner Bloom, as well, I am styling couture in a newer way, heading towards the direction of catering to the younger generations, and hence, reinventing the idea of couture completely, which I believe, is definitely the need of the hour.”

Bahl fits seamlessly into this space as he has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to bridging the gap between modern and traditional. More recently, bridalwear has started exploring new colour palettes, silhouettes, and experimentation with surface techniques.

Varun Bahl for ICW 2023©Varun Bahl

One of the enduring trends we’ve observed in the space is florals for bridalwear. According to Bahl, this is just the beginning. “I think the new age brides are primarily looking at more contemporary silhouettes and a colour palette that is more fresh, bright and does not conform to traditional bridal wear. Intricate and customisable floral handcrafted and 3D embroideries, voluminous veils and huge trails with floral embellishments, and bold floral motifs and appliques are some floral elements that can be experimented with, this season.”

Bahl’s ‘Inner Bloom’ will be showcased at India Couture Week on 27 July 2023.