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#HELLOCoverStar Sonakshi Sinha On ‘Dahaad’, Body Positivity & More

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Nayare Ali

Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha is back with a bang post her raw performance in Dahaad. The star, who is soaking in all the adulation for her role as a sub inspector, traces her evolution into the OTT space, her love for the sea, her formidable father and more in this candid chat...

On Dahaad’s deadly strike

“I enjoyed playing the character of sub inspector, Anjali Bhaati in Dahaad because it was so well-written and the kind of character which she is, a girl living life on her own terms. I think every woman can relate to her in some way or the other and that’s the feedback I’ve got, after the show has been released as well.”

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On turning down multiple offers in the past

“I was getting a lot of roles that seemed very repetitive. It was not challenging enough. I need to be kept engaged but the scripts were not so exciting. I could play these characters in my sleep. I’m really glad that I waited because this role in Dahaad has really struck a chord somewhere.”

On dealing with body image issues

“I think it’s a very personal battle for everyone who is struggling with body issues. It’s different for different people. There are some people struggling to put on weight, there are some struggling to lose weight, but I’ve also had my own journey, and I’ve made sure I’ve lost weight in a very healthy way. I have done it on my own terms and conditions. I think now I’m very much at peace now.”

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On her love for food

“My favourite cuisine is Indian food, any day, no matter which part of the world I’m in. I will always find one Indian restaurant that I will go and get my fix of Indian food.”

On fashion

“I don’t really have any favourite designers. I’m not rigid, I like to flow with my fashion. I like to experiment a lot, I’ll try out, anyone. Whether they’re extremely established, or fairly new. I don’t mind, as long as I feel good in what I’m wearing. I should wear the clothes, the clothes should not wear me.”

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On her love for the sea

“I love going to the Maldives. I go there every year. I’m a complete water baby. I’m a mermaid and love the ocean. My holidays are around beaches and anywhere I can dive as I am certified diver now.”

On the films lined up

“I just finished a couple of films. One is a horror comedy, called Kakuda and another is a thriller directed by my brother Kush called Nikita Roy and the Book of Darkness. I’m currently shooting for a film called Bade Miyan Chote Miyan as well, with Ali Abbas Zafar. It’s been a busy year.”

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On staying with her parents

“While I am still staying with my family in Juhu it was always my dream to buy my own house and I very recently fulfilled it. So yes, I’ve bought my new house, but it’s going to be more like a den. I’ll probably have my meetings there; I’ll probably be in and out of it.”

On her iconic dad, Shatrughan Sinha

“I think the best piece of advice that my dad has given me is something that he has followed all his life. He always tells me that ‘you should prove yourself to be different from the rest. But, I’ve also learnt a lot from him by just observing him. He is a very calm and composed person and that has helped him through so many situations in life and he’s definitely seen a lot, right.”

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