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15 Facts About Ranveer Singh That Will Leave You Stunned

Ranveer Singh, the Bollywood powerhouse, is not only known for his electrifying performances and unconventional fashion sense but also for his intriguing personality. As the versatile actor turns 38, it’s time to uncover some lesser-known secrets about the charismatic star.

From changing his last name to his obsession with Govinda, here are 15 mind-blowing facts about Singh that will leave you in awe!

Cousin Connections: Singh and Sonam Kapoor Ahuja

Believe it or not, these Bollywood icons are second cousins! Singh even played a significant role at Sonam’s wedding, MC-ing alongside Arjun Kapoor during the mehendi festivities.

When Advertising Lost Out to Acting

After college, Singh briefly worked as a copywriter in renowned advertising agencies like O&M and J Walter Thompson before realising his true calling, and embarking on a Bollywood career.

Govinda, the Spirit Character

Singh considers Govinda’s role in Raja Babu as his spirit character. So much so that he adorned his WhatsApp display picture with Govinda’s image and set his ringtone to the famous ‘Pak Chik Pak Raja Babu’ song.

Bittoo Sharma’s Journey to Stardom

Landing the role of Bittoo Sharma in YRF’s Band Baaja Baaraat wasn’t a cakewalk. He rejected two offers before finally auditioning for this iconic debut role. After going through two weeks of auditions, the producers arranged for him to participate in an acting workshop with Nawazuddin Siddiqui. To get into his character, Singh even roamed Delhi University under the name Bittoo Sharma, attending classes incognito. However, his attempt to secretly record a session for research purposes was discovered by a teacher, prompting him to hastily leave the classroom.

Serving Coffee with Style: The Starbucks Saga

Before fame came knocking, Singh earned his degree at Indiana University while working part-time as a server at Starbucks. He even dabbled in culinary ventures, selling homemade butter chicken from his college dorm!

Singh’s Retirement Dreams: A Sea-Facing Villa

Picture this: Ranveer Singh, retired and residing in a sea-facing villa in Goa, complete with a swimming pool. Singh once confessed in an interview that this was his ultimate retirement dream. He shared that a sea-facing villa where he could cook, paint, watch movies and do yoga, while being surrounded by a brood of children would be perfect bliss!

From Gully Boy to Music Mogul: IncInk Records

Inspired by his role in Gully Boy, Singh launched his own independent music label, IncInk Records, in 2019. A passionate fan of rap music, he believes in giving talented artists a platform to express themselves.

Character Immersion: On and Off Camera

Singh finds it challenging to detach from his on-screen characters while shooting a movie. According to his wife, Deepika Padukone, everything changes—his walk, talk, eating habits, and even his temperament!

The Cleanliness Obsession

Personal hygiene ranks high on Singh’s list of priorities. Hand sanitiser, eyedrops, mouth-freshener, deodorant, perfume, and chewing gum are his constant companions. No compromises when it comes to cleanliness!

Rap Star in Disguise: Singh’s Hidden Musical Talent

Did you know the Dil Dhadakne Do star has showcased his rap skills in various advertisements? Keep an ear out for his raps in the Durex condom ad and the Ching’s noodles ad.

Safer Sex Ambassador: Singh’s Sex-Positive Stance

Breaking barriers, Singh became the first mainstream Bollywood actor to endorse a condom brand. He proudly advocates for safer sex, promoting a positive and open attitude towards sexual health.

Mama Knows Best: Bajirao Mastani Surprise

The actor’s mother, who dislikes watching her son die on screen, honoured his request not to watch Bajirao Mastani. However, she couldn’t resist and eventually watched it, falling in love with the film just like the rest of us.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Song Got Him in Trouble

Apparently, Singh was once suspended from school for listening to Shah Rukh Khan’s iconic song ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ from the movie Dil Se during class. Who can blame him for grooving to such a catchy tune?

Collecting More Than Memories: Singh’s Unusual Souvenirs

Rumour has it that Singh is an avid collector of X-rated magazines. Wherever he travels, he picks up these unconventional souvenirs, showcasing his unapologetic and sex-positive outlook.

The Name Game: Why Ranveer Singh Ditched Bhavnani

The Padmaavat actor thought his real surname, Bhavnani, lacked the right ring to it and opted for the short and sweet ‘Ranveer Singh’. And now, the name holds a lot of weight!