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Who Made Ranveer Singh Feel Bad About His Fashion Sense? Let’s Talk...

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

If there are two things Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh is known for, it’s delivering superlative performances that are also big box office hits and his ability to carry off the most out-there styles like it’s nobody’s business.

Name another Bollywood actor who could carry a sequinned turtleneck with velvet trousers like this, we’ll wait…

Each red carpet appearance churns out hundreds of headlines on how the actor has broken the boundaries of fashion or the memes that mock Singh for borrowing stuff from his wife Deepika Padukone’s wardrobe. Turns out, Singh was not always this confident when it came to expressing himself through fashion.

Recently, the actor took to Twitter Movies to promote his upcoming film Jayeshbhai Jordaar. He answered several fan questions and reacted to Tweets about him. One such Tweet claimed that the actor has been doing Met Gala for years now, which is fair, and the actor responded to it by talking about how he is always trying to express himself with everything he does, whether it’s the way he talks or the things he wear.

He went on to reveal that there was a time when he felt judged for the way he dressed. “I would alter my way of being in accordance with the effects those judgements were having on me,” he said. Thankfully, he managed to breakthrough the negativity and leave the haters behind. “At one point, I let that go. I was like, people are gonna judge anyway so you do you, dress the way you want and I’m glad that I have been able to evolve into a person who does that consistently now.”

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