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Why Are People Adding Broccoli To Their Make-Up Kits?

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

When beauty experts stressed on the importance of going green with make-up and skincare choices, this new viral trend might not be what they had in mind.

In another addition to the bizarre beauty hacks from the Internet that surprisingly work, broccoli has emerged as a beauty tool that could potentially give you realistic-looking faux freckles.

As it turns out, you might not need to invest in expensive and dubious-seeming freckle stamping tools to get the look as a trip to your nearby grocers can do the trick. One of the early adopters of the hack was beauty influencer Abigail Jones, whose video of her using a broccoli head to apply faux freckles on her face racked in millions of views in a short time.

In the video, Jones takes a broccoli floret and dabs it in a darker shade of concealer. She then lightly touches the vegetable all across her cheekbones and nose to get the effect.

The comments were largely enthusiastic, with many proclaiming they would have never thought of the simple yet genius hack.

How To Get Realistic Freckles Using Broccoli?

If you, like many on the Internet, want to get natural-looking freckles easily then just take a broccoli head, dip it into a darker concealer or bronzer and stamp it onto your cheekbones and nose.

Just remember to start with a small amount of product on your broccoli head as it could cause a mess on your face. The results may vary, depending on the quantity of the product and how heavily you stamp it on your face.

As long as the broccoli is washed and cleaned properly before being used as a make-up brush, there are no drawbacks to the hack.

Will you try the beauty trick yourself?!