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This Hack Will Change The Way You Use Bullet Lipsticks Forever

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

The Internet never fails to deliver hacks that could change your beauty routine for good. From ingenious ways of injecting life into flat hair to combatting under-eye concealer creasing, there’s a hack for everything.

More recently, make-up artist Katie Jane Hughes shared a video where she revealed how to use a bullet lipstick the right way.

Bullet lipsticks have been around forever and are seeing a resurgence after temporarily being toppled by liquid lipsticks for the better part of the 2010s. One of the biggest gripe people have with using bullet lipstick is that it requires a lot to achieve a clean and precise lip look when you’re using it.


However, according to the MUA, the trick is to use the bullet backwards for “more control” of the product.

In a video that quickly amassed thousands of views on social media, Hughes explains that the usual way of using a bullet lipstick, ie swiping the flat part to swipe on the lips, creates a “reduced visibility” and makes for a messier and “cumbersome” application.

“When you flip the bullet around, that angle lets you see everything better,” she says in the video. The MUA starts in the centre of her bottom lip and swipes product across it. She then takes the pointed end of the bullet lipstick and uses it as a lip liner.

While many cheered on the beauty influencer for the “game-changing hack”, there were some who proclaimed that using a bullet lipstick that way feels illegal somehow.

Try the hack for yourself to see which camp you fall in!