Diy Skincare

Lip Pigmentation

These DIY Remedies Will Get Rid Of Lip Pigmentation Easily

Despite their occupation of prominent real estate on our faces, we rarely pay that much attention to our lips. Sure, we slap on some balm when they’re feeling dry or coat them with a generous amount of pigment if we want to look more put together, but what about proper lip care in our daily beauty routine? One of the biggest issues this causes is t

Mrunal Thakur Skincare Secret

This Is The DIY Skincare Secret That Mrunal Thakur Swears By

Mrunal Thakur’s stunning complexion is a testament to the combination of good genes and the power of thoughtful skincare routine. You, too, can easily create your own skincare regime inspired by her best practices, right in your own home! After a brief deep dive into her Instagram account, we found that the Jersey actress has often been vocal about

Sayani Gupta DIY Skincare

From DIY Skincare Hacks To Her Make-Up Kit Staples, Sayani Gupta Spills Her Best Kept Beauty Secrets

Multifaceted actor Sayani Gupta shares the secrets behind her glowing complexion, confidence, and more with HELLO!... HELLO!: What does ‘beauty’ mean to you? Sayani Gupta: “An extension of your whole personality. It’s not just about how your face looks; it’s you as an individual.”