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Here’s How You Can Recreate The ‘Matcha Latte’ Make-Up Look

With the holiday season on the horizon, and time seemingly in fast-forward mode this year (October practically feels like December, right?), it’s the perfect time to infuse your inner Grinch with a generous dose of festive Christmas tree vibes, all while adding a touch of Kylie Jenner’s glamour. How, you ask? Well, it’s time to embrace the ‘matcha latte’ beauty trend for some merry make-up magic!

What Is ‘Matcha Latte’ Make-up?

matcha latte makeup trend©Instagram

Who would’ve thought that the creamy allure of matcha tea could spill over into the world of make-up, taking TikTok and Instagram by storm? The matcha latte make-up trend has arrived, and it’s the freshest, most Instagram-worthy look of the season.

matcha latte makeup trend©Instagram

Inspired by the beloved green elixir, this beauty trend has already been embraced by luminaries like Chiara Ferragni, Kendall Jenner, and the cosmetics queen herself, Kylie. With benefits as numerous as the tea itself, it promises to brighten your eyes and your skin. Plus, it’s easier to create than it looks. So, get ready to unleash your inner make-up artist as we demystify the matcha latte trend, one step at a time.

matcha latte makeup trend©Instagram

Step 1: Prime and Proper

Before you dive into the delicious world of matcha latte make-up, lay down the groundwork. Apply a trusty primer to ensure your base stays intact throughout the day. After all, you wouldn’t want your matcha-inspired beauty to fade faster than the morning fog.

Step 2: Brew a Glowy Base

Now, it’s time to prepare your canvas. This look is all about radiance. Opt for a lightweight, illuminating foundation that will give you that dewy glow. Don’t forget to dust on some translucent powder, focusing on the brow area. This step is crucial to prevent any unwanted fallout when you start working on those mesmerising green lids.

matcha latte makeup trend©Instagram

Step 3: Eye Candy

Here’s where the magic happens. The eye shadow is the heart and soul of matcha latte make-up. Start by covering your entire eyelid with a neutral shade, using a soft brush for that seamless blend. Next, create depth by applying a slightly darker shade on your eyelid’s crease. It’s like crafting your own smokey, matcha-infused masterpiece. Then, the pièce de résistance: the matcha-coloured shadow.

Sweep it over your eyelid and, if you’re feeling adventurous, even along your lower lash line. Finish off this eye-catching ensemble with a slick cat-eye liner and a coat (or three) of mascara.

matcha latte makeup trend©Instagram

Step 4: Bronzer, Blush, and Highlight

Matcha latte make-up isn’t just about the eyes; it’s about the entire look. Apply a touch of bronzer, a pinch of blush, and a dash of highlighter to illuminate those high points on your face. Think cheekbones, brow bone, the corners of your eyes, the bridge of your nose, and the cupid’s bow. The result? Radiant, sun-kissed skin that complements your green-themed gaze perfectly.

matcha latte makeup©Instagram

Step 5: The Lip-Smacking Finale

It’s time for the final act! Add a swipe of your favourite gloss for that ultimate luminous touch. Opt for a nude shade to keep the focus on your matcha masterpiece. Then, lock in your look with a setting spray to ensure your make-up lasts all day.

And there you have it—an easy, fun, and utterly flattering look that celebrates your favourite drink in all its glory. So, sip your green latte, and then go ahead and blend it into your make-up routine. It’s time to matcha-make a statement like never before!