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Blackpink’s Lisa Has The Perfect Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Blackpink’s Lisa occupies a permanent spot in the annual list of Asia’s Most Beautiful People. And some of it can be credited to good genes, her meticulous skincare routine needs to be given some credit too.

After a whatever super successful K-pop idols do every day, Lisa likes to unwind with a simple, yet effective skincare routine that keeps her skin healthy and glowing.

The Blackpink member had shared a photo amid her night-time skincare routine on Instagram a little while ago. Soon after, agle-eyed fans as well skincare enthusiasts had managed to narrow down the products Lisa uses to achieve that flawless skin.

Blackpink’s Lisa accidently shared her skincare routine©Lisa

Unlike her fitness routine, where she likes to be versatile and experiment with different activities, Lisa’s skincare routine is disarmingly simple. The ace musician-performer eschews lengthy and complicated skincare routines in favour of a five-step regime that takes care of her skin’s most pressing issues.

Being in front of glaring lights and jet-setting from one country to another can take a toll on the skin. Therefore, Lisa has tailored her skincare routine to ensure she can combat dry and dull skin with ease.

So if you, like Lisa, struggle with dry and dull skin, here’s the Blackpink member’s simple five-step skincare routine to nudge you in the right direction…

Blackpink Lisa’s 5-Step Skincare Routine

Blackpink Lisa©Lisa


The most crucial step of the routine, according to the ‘Money’ singer, is to start with a clean base. Lisa likes to start off her skincare routine by cleansing her face, no matter how tired she is.

Tip: A gel cleanser is ideal for skin types that get dry quickly after washing.


It goes without saying that a necessary step for people with dry skin needs to be moisturisation. Lisa likes to get her dose of hydration by applying Tata Harper’s resurfacing serum. It works wonders for dry and uneven skin and is packed with antioxidants that keep the skin feeling nourished from within.

Tip: You should also be on the lookout for hydrating serums that repair the skin as well.

Eye Cream

One cannot discount the powers of a good eye cream when it comes to making a difference in your skincare routine. Lisa swears by the Omorovicza Revitalizing eye cream, which she uses every night to get rid of any dark circles or puffiness under her eyes.

Tip: The under-eye area is sensitive and must be treated gently. Use an eye cream that contains replenishing ingredients and gets easily absorbed into your skin.

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Lisa loves to treat her skin to some La Prairie Skin Caviar Liquid Lift serum during her skincare routine. The lightweight serum instantly lifts the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Tip: An important thing to remember while using speciality serums on your skin is being consistent.

Face Oil

Since dry skin is Lisa’s number one skincare concern, the rapper likes to pack moisture into her skin before going to sleep. The Blackpink member loves using LA MER Renewal oil, an online cult favourite. The multitasking face oil is considered to be liquid gold by skincare enthusiasts and Lisa likes to use it on her face to ensure a smooth finish to her make-up-free skin.

Tip: Always remember, face oils should be applied second, over products like eye creams and serums. Using a jade roller can further help with circulation and absorption.