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What Are ‘Nothing Showers’ And Should You Take Them?

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from TikToks and Instagram Reels is that hours and hours of our day would disappear without a trace once we start on the infinite scroll path. Another thing that we’ve learned is that for each trend that makes a lot of sense, there will be twenty that would confound you.

One of the latter is the ‘nothing shower’ trend, the antithesis of the ‘everything shower’ trend that went viral recently. In case you didn’t know, the ‘everything shower’ trend is exactly what it sounds like.

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It involves hours and hours spent in the shower where you complete all your favourite bath rituals and leave no body part unattended. We’re talking scented body washes, scrubs, shampoos, deep conditioning masks, face masks, body oils and anything else that you can think of. While not feasible for your everyday quick shower, the trend is perfect for the occasional self-care day.

The ‘nothing shower’ trend, however, is the complete opposite.

What is the ‘nothing shower’ trend?

The brainchild of TikTok user Alexandra R. Simpson, the trend asks people to turn on the shower and let the water cascade down on them while they do nothing. 15-20 minutes of this and you can now get out of the water.

Why would anyone take a ‘nothing shower’?

That’s a great question. Why would we want to spend 20 minutes doing nothing but letting warm water fall on us? The OP says it’s to have some ‘me’ time and it’s also “excellent for migraine management, muffling sobs, and hiding from responsibilities”.

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The ‘nothing shower’ is not intended for cleaning, so if you’re thinking of hopping on to the trend, you should know that it doesn’t replace the regular shower. The purpose of the trend is to relax under a stream of hot water while you’re surrounded by steam to meditate and relax before you start the day, or sometimes even in the middle if things get overwhelming.

Should you take a ‘nothing shower’?

It’s your life and you make your own rules. It’s a harmless Internet trend that you can try once in a while. However, there could be better ways to get some ‘me’ time and relax and rejuvenate other than wasting a precious resource like water for 20 minutes, especially when you’re not even cleaning yourself. You can go for aromatherapy candles, or pencil in some time for yourself to practice self-care in the way that suits you.