Bella Hadid© Getty Images

Get Those Supermodel Cheekbones With This Contour Hack

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Let’s be honest, models have the razor-sharp cheekbones of our collective dreams. I mean, just look at Bella Hadid—anyone else think she’s a reincarnated Greek goddess? And while, most of them have the goods, a lot of times, those cheekbones are the result of expert make-up tricks.

Ask any make-up artist and they’ll tell you that the placement of the contour can make any face shape look much sharper. Thankfully, TikTok has now shown us a whole new method that is not only effective but also very easy to recreate. Beauty content creator, Sarah’s Super Spa, who is known to share some great contouring tips, showed us exactly how the supermodels do it. Make notes people!


Step 1: First, start off taking your favourite contour stick and creating a line just under your cheekbones. Then, draw a small line that goes down towards your chin and on the side of your jawline to create a subtle shadow.

Step 2: Next, with a blending brush, start by patting the cheekbones and then blending it downwards. After that, blend the line that goes towards the chin outwards to create a shadow on the buccal fat region. Blend the jawline area inwards to help create the illusion of a v-shape jawline.

Step 3: Finally, take a highlighter or concealer and add it just above your cheekbone contour to highlight that area. You can also add a setting powder on that region to make that region lighter and bring in more definition.

Some of the key things that you need to keep in mind is to opt for a contour shade that gives the look of a shadow on your face. The shade should be in between the colour grey and your skin colour. Going for a shade that’s too dark will make your contour look very unnatural, while going for a shade that’s too warm will make your face look less structured. But make sure you don’t go for something that’s too grey since it’ll create a 5 o’clock shadow that’ll end up looking like a beard.

Are you ready to try this hack?