Bella Hadid

micro uggs and cowboy boots

Boot Trends Of 2022 We Are Loving So Far

We’ve only just entered October, but the boot trends for colder weather are already on the streets being showcased by fashion models, celebrities and influencers. We love this time of the year, simply because we get to wear our chic winter wardrobes and gloriously stylish boots. From chunky platform boots to Western-inspired cowboy boots, some styl

Bella Hadid Salad Recipe

Bella Hadid’s Viral Tik Tok Salad Recipe Is The Perfect Everyday Meal You Need To Try

Eating healthy can be quite tricky, especially if anything uncooked forced a gag-like reflex from you. But this supermodel/salad lover has a recipe that is easy, super healthy, and surprisingly yummy for a healthy meal. MORE: World’s Most Searched Recipe in 2022 Following in her big sister, Gigi Hadid, and best friend Hailey Bieber’s footsteps, Bel

International Fashion Labels And Designers

11 International Fashion Labels And Designers To Know About In 2022

While you may be aware of all the big names in fashion, you can always do with a lexicon upgrade when it comes to new and lesser-known labels around the world. We’re living in an age of intense connectivity where boundaries have become soluble, whether we’re talking about countries or identities. From British-Indian Supriya Lele to Bulgarian design