Jyotika Karishma Jhalani

Jyotika And Karishma Jhalani On Building A Global Lifestyle Brand

HELLO! traces the vibrant path of mother-daughter duo, Jyotika and Karishma Jhalani as they breathe life into their vision of building a global lifestyle brand and crafting a stunning home. During a childhood summer vacation spent in Srinagar, Jyotika Jhalani remembers unintentionally knocking over an inkwell and a glass of milk on to her mother’s

anushka rajendran interview

Curator Anushka Rajendran On Contemporary Art Space In India

“These days, artistic research is extremely vital and relevant. So it’s refreshing to see so many artists and curators intellectually engaged with art,” says Anushka Rajendran at the HELLO! India Art Awards. For one so young, Rajendran has carved out a firm place for herself in India’s artscape through her multifaceted curatorial practice. Her rese

Crosstalk by Farah Mulla

Artist Farah Mulla On How She Creates Art Using Sound

When do we believe that a certain artwork has ‘worked’? When it manages to engage with the audience on a deeply sensorial level — though this often merely takes the visual aspect into consideration, given how art forms like paintings and sculptures engage our vision more than any other senses. Sound as a sense, however, is an often overlooked aspec

Antonio Santin

Spanish Artist Antonio Santin On What Lies Behind His ‘Rugs’

What would get an artist so obsessed with Persian-patterned rug designs, drawing viewers in so they crave to touch the ornate surfaces? What ecstatically perfectionist designs are these, so wonderfully illusory, that one forgets they are not tapestry but oil paint and sculptural ‘embroidery’? What of the consistent folds and bulges, suggesting some

Artist Darpan Kaur

Artist Darpan Kaur Wants Us To See Goa Like Never Before

Like most of us, artist Darpan Kaur thought Goa was all about the sea before she had the fortune of moving to the city to live there. “While the sea continues to be endlessly fascinating, what I’ve come to love is the sky. The expanse of sky is not interrupted by any tall buildings so it’s just beautiful because everywhere you look, you can see the

Muzaffar Ali Art Exhibit

Muzaffar Ali Displayed His Many Lives Through This Art Exhibit

Multihyphenate Muzaffar Ali is no stranger to having his work scrutinised by strangers. The 78-year-old artist has not only made two of the most iconic films in Bollywood’s history, but he is also behind a successful fashion house and an author. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get anxious before displaying a part of his journey to the public throu