Gitanjali Maini interview

Gitanjali Maini On The Art Ecosystem In India & More

HELLO!: How do you feel about being recognised for your ‘Contribution Towards Building an Art Ecosystem’? Gitanjali Maini: “I’m extremely grateful. We began 2023 on a high note, with a collaborative exhibition at Louvre Abu Dhabi a day before these awards. Both of these landmark events marked our progress and dedication towards developing an art ec

Artist Rameshwar Broota

Artist Rameshwar Broota On His Extraordinary Journey & More

As far back as he can remember, visual artist Rameshwar Broota had longed to be a policeman. But he failed to clear the physical examination when he attempted to join the force. Remembering his frustration, he recalls: “I was always excellent at art and had won a number of scholarships and awards for it over the years. But being an artist was not m

Atul Dodiya interview

Atul Dodiya On The Changing Face Of The Indian Artscape

Having achieved the status of a master of contemporary Indian art, one would imagine Atul Dodiya to be placed on an unapproachable pedestal. Yet, his unassuming manner and affable demeanour ensure that he’s one of the most popular personalities in the South Asian art fraternity. Minutes after graciously accepting the award for his ‘Contribution to

New Banksy Graffiti Artwork

Banksy’s Domestic Violence Mural Continues To Cause A Stir

Banksy’s most recent work has been dismantled by the authorities in Kent “on the grounds of safety” just hours after its unveiling. The pseudonymous graffiti artist and activist took ownership of a recent artwork that cropped up in Margate, a seaside town on the north coast of Kent, England, by sharing a photo of the mural, titled ‘Valentine’s Day

MSCHF's ATM Leaderboard

This ATM At Art Basel Miami Beach Is Trolling The Rich

How far would you go to flaunt your wealth? This is the question Brooklyn-based art collective MSCHF is asking with their display at Art Basel Miami beach 2022. The group, in collaboration with the French art gallery Perrotin, has installed a functioning ATM at the art festival that displays the bank balance of the user, ranked in the form of a lea

Premila Singh’s paintings

Premila Singh Has No Time For Art That Doesn’t Make Anyone Happy

If there’s one thing that becomes immediately apparent as you browse through artist Premila Singh’s paintings, it’s the feeling of happiness. Her use of bright and vibrant colours conveys a sense of optimism and gentle joy that’s much needed in the time we live in. This, she tells me, is purely intentional. “I think all creative people, not only ar