Girl with a Flute by Vermeer

This Iconic Painting By Vermeer May Not Actually Be His Work

A new discovery by a team of researchers has revealed something that has, not to be dramatic but, shaken the art world to the core. One of the most iconic works by Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer might not actually be his! Researchers believe that the painting in question, ‘Girl with a Flute’, was made by one of his associates or an assistant. A team

Artist Gayatri Sekhri for HELLO! India

Gayatri Sekhri Is Making The World A Better Place One Quirky Sculpture At A Time

“I don’t like the confines of a gallery; it can be very limiting. I prefer to invite people to where I live — the home I decorated myself with my own art. It’s the best way to offer people a clear picture of how their homes can be decorated,” says Gayatri Sekhri, artist, curator, and all-round creative personality. As we meet her for a candid chat

Pickle Artwork

Would You Pay INR 5 Lakh For A Pickle Stuck To A Ceiling?

If you’re a messy eater, pay attention. Your next big food disaster can actually help you earn a fortune. Don’t believe us? Take inspiration from Australian artist Matthew Griffin, whose recent ‘artwork’ has been priced at nearly INR 5 Lakh. Griffin’s artwork ‘Pickle’ comprises an actual pickle that he took from a McDonald’s hamburger and threw at

Artist Jay Varma

Artist Jay Varma On What He's Learnt From His Ancestor Raja Ravi Varma And More...

Adramatic use of colour, a striking portrayal of emotion, an extraordinary attention to detail and a tinge of poetry brought to life. These are the hallmarks of a signature Jay Varma painting. A master of contemporary realism rooted in the traditional, he’s a fifth-generation descendent of Raja Ravi Varma, ‘The Father of Modern Indian Art’, carryin

How To Become An Art Collector

#HELLOExpertGuide Ft. Tejshree Savara | How To Become An Art Collector

The thrill of finding an art piece that resonates with you and acquiring it can be very fulfilling. But while breaking into the art collecting world can seem daunting, all you need is a little guidance. Renowned art enthusiast and collector Tejshree Savara says that she started her art appreciation journey very young. “With passionate Art Collector

Lekha Poddar and Kalyani Chawla

HELLO! India Art Awards Jury Member Lekha Poddar Is Very Optimistic About The Future Of Art In India

Philanthropist, businesswoman, art collector, and founder of the Devi Art Foundation, Lekha Poddar is a renowned patron for modern, contemporary, textile, and folk art. In the past, she has served as the Co-Chair of the South Asian Acquisition Committee at Tate Modern, London, has been a member of the Tate International Council, and she was also on