Mysterious Ancient

Mysterious Ancient Figures With Giant Heads Discovered Painted On Rock Shelters In Tanzania

There’s a lot going on in the world that remains a mystery to most. When it’s not mysteries of outer space, it’s surprising discoveries of artifacts left behind by the humans that inhabited the planet hundreds and thousands of years ago. Case in point is a set of rock paintings discovered in Tanzania, Africa, that have left historians and archaeolo

Climate Activist Disguised As An Old Lady Tried To Destroy The Mona Lisa With Cake

Whether it’s gate-crashing a red carpet at Cannes or attacking an iconic painting in a well-guarded museum, climate activists have recently employed unconventional and shocking methods to bring attention to the cause. ICYMI, the Louvre museum visitors were in for a shock on Sunday as they witnessed an almost-vandalisation of the Mona Lisa. Reported

Jaya Asokan at HELLO! India Art Awards

India Art Fair Director Jaya Asokan On Why You Cannot Miss The Biggest Art Event Of The Year

With an exciting lineup of exhibitors and artists, the 13th edition of the India Art Fair is ready to return to a physical format after the pandemic. Running in Delhi from April 28 to May 1, this ‘leaner and meaner’ Art Fair is also helmed by first-time director Jaya Asokan, who previously served as the Fair’s deputy director before taking over thi