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The Ultimate Gifting Guide For The Modern Gentleman

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Vishwaveer Singh

Searching for the perfect present for your man? HELLO! has curated a collection of luxury buys that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

1. Loro Piana Summer Walk Elk Leather

Loro Piana Summer Walk Elk Leather©Lora Piana

A beloved choice among fashion enthusiasts globally, Loro Piana’s Summerwalks have achieved cult status, often elusive in stores unless luck is on your side. The new elk leather variants are perfect for long strolls, as comfortable as their suede counterparts and a tad bit more formal, effortlessly transitioning from casual lunches to the boardroom. The white rubber sole, ideal for wear and tear, is easily washable, and the elk leather enhances durability. No more worrying about spillage and kids stepping on your designer kicks!

2. Rimowa Essential Cabin S Suitcase (Black)

Rimowa Essential Cabin S Suitcase (Black)©Rimowa Essential

A carry-on that is great for short trips, and inheriting the durability of its original version, the new Rimowa Essential Cabin strolley is not only a beautiful piece of luggage to have in your collection but also a sturdy companion for those long-haul flights. It boasts easy access, built-in clothes fasteners, and patented wheel and handle technology, making it a favourite among jet-setters globally. The added personal touch comes with their leather tags, offering the option for personalisation through initial embossing for those interested.

3. Bang and Olufsen Earbuds

Bang and Olufsen Earbuds©Bang and Olufsen

If you’re not a fan of the white tic-tac-like objects protruding from your ears, Bang & Olufsen’s (B&O) earbuds offer excellent alternatives. The fusion of design and performance results in a product clearly at the pinnacle of its game. Noteworthy for their sound clarity and multi-device capability, the higher price of the new generation earbuds is justified by the product’s impressive battery life, sleek design and user-friendly interface. Whether it’s for calls or music, the B&O earbuds are the top choice.

4. IW344203-Portugieser Perpetual Calendar 42


If your man is looking to make a subtle statement without overtly showcasing their net worth in every business meeting, the IWC Portugeiser range is the best horological option out there. It’s for those in the know who prefer not to flaunt, but rather to own a refined piece of Swiss engineering—a watch that not only exudes elegance but also proves to be a formidable timekeeper. Perfect for a night out, a business meeting, a day on the golf course or a meeting with your parents, the Perpetual Calendar 42 is also an impressive collector’s item, worthy of being admired by the bluest of blue watch aficionados.

5. Jacques Marie Mage Ichikawa Sunglasses

sunglasses©Jacques Marie

In a sea of Luxottica-produced eyewear, make sure you stand out with your very own bespoke sunglasses from Jacques Marie Mage (JMM). The Ichikawa sunglasses, crafted by the French designer, are in acetate but with the perfect blend of design elements to make people come up and ask you where you got them from. With such celebrity clients like Brad Pitt and Jeff Goldblum on their roster, JMM is a favourite among LA hipsters and high rollers, emerging as the go-to brand for jet-setters seeking something less monogrammed and more aligned with their lifestyles.

6. Goyard Paspport Holder — VIP

goyard passport holder©Goyard

For those looking to up their travel game, Goyard’s passport case is a must have. The brand even offers bespoke engraving options, allowing clients to add their initials—a great way to personalise a beautiful product that safeguards your passport during your hectic journeys. Choosing a darker colour ensures longevity, guaranteeing this travel companion stays alive and well for a long, long time.

7. Tateossian and Zaha Hadid Design Cufflinks


When it comes to cufflinks, Tateossian are the Rolls Royce of their industry. Their newest collaboration with the esteemed design house of Zaha Hadid has produced some truly awe-inspiring products, including these black cufflinks, that are a must have in any sartorially evolved gent’s wardrobe. Great with a white shirt or paired with something more formal, these cufflinks seamlessly introduce a minimalist touch to an otherwise classic wardrobe staple. Additionally, they serve as excellent conversation starters, enabling the wearer to proudly share the angular design crafted by Zaha Hadid’s firm.

8. Halfeti by Penhaligon’s

perfume©Halfeti by Penhaligon's

Woody with rose, Oud, and grapefruit notes, this evening scent subtly turns heads without being overly conspicuous, allowing for a more understated presence in the room. A niche perfume from the house of Penhaligon’s, Halfeti comes from a stable of fragrances that the British Royal family has been using for over a century now. While this particular one might be a tad much for daytime wear, it is perfect for breezier nights, black-tie affairs and for romantic dinners. Penhaligon’s themselves describe the scent as mysterious, complex and intoxicating — a great add-on to an already evolved collection.

9. Bottega Veneta Bill Clip Wallet

wallet©Bottega Veneta

A larger leather weave is making a bold statement across Bottega products. The new bill clip wallet is no exception to this trend, offering a convenient option for those who want something light and easy to carry around in the back pocket. With ample folds for essential credit cards and a nifty clip for currency notes, this is the only way one should carry a wallet—no more dealing with bulky bricks that create an unflattering silhouette. Bottega’s high-quality leather ensures durability, making it ideal for everyday use where wear and tear are factors, ensuring these products outlast comparable items from other leather goods manufacturers.

10. Lorenzo Scritto Kangaroo Leather Loafer

leather loafer©Lorenzo Scritto

Renowned for their impeccably crafted shoes, Berluti is a favourite among the world’s most discerning. The Scritto line, synonymous with class and sophistication, has found favour with distinguished patrons such as Saif Ali Khan and Jyotiraditya Scindia from our shores. Adding an extra flair of artisanal design to their shoes, the scripted paintwork makes for a great look, while the Kangaroo leather adds comfort for those gents not looking to go through the arduous job of breaking in a pair of Berlutis—a task known for causing blisters and requiring band-aids, occasionally leaving even the strongest individuals in tears.

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