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5 Comedy Anime Series That Will Make You Laugh Till You Cry

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

While comedy is an integral part of most popular anime series, but there are many that explore it beyond it just being a subgenre. These comedy anime series poke fun at overused anime cliches or combine absurd and witty elements with action and adventure.

If you’re in need of a good laugh, these anime series have got you covered. From superheroes struggling with ennui to the devil struggling to climb the corporate ladder at a fast food chain, be prepared to laugh until your sides hurt. You’ve been warned!

Best Comedy Anime Series To Watch On Netflix and Crunchyroll

One Punch Man (2015-2020)

A satire on the superhero and action genre, this anime is perfect for you even if you’re just an anime newbie. In the series, Saitama has trained for three years to become the most powerful superhero to exist and now struggles with boredom at having nothing left to defeat. He reluctantly becomes a mentor to Geno, a cyborg who wants revenge on another cyborg who destroyed his family.

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Hinamatsuri (2018)

This 12-episode anime series follows Yoshifumi Nitta, a socially inept Yakuza member, whose life turns upside down after a girl with psychokinetic powers is literally dropped on his head without any warning. He becomes her reluctant guardian and has to team up with her to fight other hostile entities from the future.

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The Devil Is A Part Timer (2013-2023)

How will the devil fare in a corporate setting? This is exactly what this hilarious anime series is all about. After a fight, Satan gets transported to modern day Tokyo and has to work in a restaurant to survive now that he has lost his magic.

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Spy X Family (2022-)

If you haven’t seen this hilarious action comedy series, then you must remedy that immediately. In the show, superspy Loid Forger assembles a fake family to infiltrate an elite private school as part of his mission. Little does he realise that his new ‘daughter’ has psychic abilities and his ‘wife’ is a legendary assassin.

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Zombie Land Saga (2018-2021)

While the name might suggest this belongs in the horror genre, this anime series is as hilarious as any other on the list. It follows high school student Sakura Minamoto who dies the day she planned to submit her application to become an idol. 10 years later, Sakura is brought back to life as a zombie, along with six other girls from different eras of Japanese history, to form an all-zombie idol group.

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