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What’s Hot In The World Of Luxury Interiors And Design

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Compiled by Jeena J Billimoria & Amber Tikari

HELLO! gives you the rundown on what’s making headlines in the world of luxury interiors and design.

Bespoke Homes A La 42MM Architecture

Bespoke Homes A La 42MM Architecture©42MM Architecture

Based in the capital, 42MM Architecture has unveiled beautiful homes which are aesthetically pleasing, highly functional and showcase their residents’ personalities and interests in a sophisticated manner. The structures, artfully designed by 42MM Architecture, are visually arresting and practical at the same time, exhibiting various design aesthetics—from classical to contemporary. The designers at this firm begin their process by speaking with the clients, paying close attention to their lifestyles, preferences and needs. They then conceptualise an architectural plan keeping these factors in mind, which is finally executed using the finest materials and exhibit impeccable craftsmanship, with the utmost care. The final outcomes are one-of-a-kind homes that transform clients’ dreams into reality.

Vvyom By Suchita’s Homage To Jaipur’s Rich Heritage

Vvyom By Suchita’s Homage To Jaipur©vVyom Design

Drawing inspiration from the grandeur of the royal city of Jaipur and the iconic archways of its ancient temples, online furniture brand vVyom by Shuchita has launched its latest collection, titled Tripola. Anchored in a traditional aesthetic, where vivid jewel-like colours and enchanting prints enrapture the senses, this collection brightens up a home and plays with a host of textures and patterns, in keeping with the spirit of Jaipur.

Design Deconstruct Unveils Their ‘Golden’ Homes

Design Deconstruct ‘Golden’ Homes©Design Deconstruct

India’s leading design and build company, Design Deconstruct, has unveiled a number of home settings showcasing artisanal craftsmanship infused with golden accents that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Statement accent pieces, exquisite lighting fixtures and sumptuous materials come together to create these living, dining and entertaining spaces that embody timeless glamour. The brand considers gold as the perfect luxurious touch to any high-end home. They believe in creating spaces that are both dramatic and subtle, recognising the importance of making a quick and lasting impression.

Their focus lies in selectingthe right materials for the flooring and the walls. Marble is Design Deconstruct’s go-to choice, and they have meticulously curated opulent furniture, unique décor pieces and awe-inspiring artworks, all with a touch of gold.

Nesterra’s Festive Collection Drop

Nesterra’s Festive Collection©Nesterra

Nesterra, a state-of-the-art premium décor brand with decades of experience in yarn manufacturing under Sutlej Textiles (the flagship textiles company of the K.K. Birla Group), offers designs inspired by different personalities, driven by experiences and stories and woven with colour to ‘feature you’ in your décor. Inspired by their name (combination of two words: ‘nest’, which represents home, and ‘terra’, which means earth), the brand offers a unique collection specifically crafted for traditional rituals, perfect for adorning homes during the upcoming festive season. If one’s searching for the perfect gift, Nesterra offers luxurious curtain and upholstery collections that blend storytelling and design excellence. These collections are ideal for those who enjoy creating a festive ambiance in their home and elevating celebratory spirits.

Sources Unlimited Reveals The Magnificent ‘Jean’ Dining Table By Porada

Sources Unlimited ‘Jean’ Dining Table©Sources Unlimited

Sources Unlimited, at the forefront of ushering opulent global furnishings, adornments and luminance solutions into the Indian market, has recently introduced the Jean dining table by the illustrious artisans at Porada, the Italian luxury furniture design company. Featuring an exquisitely crafted metal base exuding contemporary sophistication, it comes with a choice of round or gracefully vaulted glass top, both a slender 15-millimetre thickness. Alternatively, opt for solid canaletto walnut or timeless marble, seamlessly harmonising with the table’s artistic narrative. A symphony of materials and design, the Jean dining table series, conceived by Porada’s visionary designer Carlo Ballabio, invites those with a discerning eye for aesthetics to savour a dining experience beyond the ordinary.

Sans Souci’s New Illuminating Vision

Sans Souci, a prominent Czech designer and producer of glass and lighting installations, has recently unveiled an ambitious new direction, featuring an impressive 15 new collections showcased at the 2023 Milan Design Week earlier this year. The highlights of this exciting new collection include notable collaborations with industrial designer Karim Rashid and architect/product designer William Sawaya. The latter’s BRANCHY collection is sleek and artistic, inspired by nature. It features long crystal tubes in sandblasted, clear and metallic finishes, bound together with metal fittings. Each tube has an embedded LED light source, allowing versatile interior lighting. Opulent and contemporary, Rashid’s CHIN CHIN collection features flawless crystal components, shaped into golden drinking glasses suspended from glass rings with gradient nano-coating, in an exquisite play on perception. Both collections reflect Sans Souci’s new design direction, centred on seeking harmony in contrasting ideas and aesthetics.

Opulent Living Room Design Inspo By Beyond Designs

Opulent Living Room Design©Beyond Designs

For the last two decades, Beyond Designs has woven interiors that unfold like rich tapestries, each narrating a unique tale. Focusing on residences, many of them for well-known personalities, they provide concepts for designing opulent living rooms that blend regal aesthetics with luxurious comfort. The highly expressive interiors of Beyond Designs speak for the unique personality of their owners. The interiors masterfully blend art, craftsmanship, history and heritage, resulting in a timeless appeal and of course, beauty.

Antica Ceramica’s Eye-Catching Circle Design Tiles Collection

Antica Ceramica’s Tiles Collection©Antica Ceramica

In the world of interior design, circle design tiles have emerged as a captivating trend that beautifully combines aesthetics and functionality, making them a favourite choice among designers and homeowners alike. Whether incorporated into residential spaces or utilised in commercial settings to make a statement, circle design tiles can transform interiors into stunning visual narratives. With this in mind, Antica Ceramica, a renowned tile manufacturer in India, has unveiled its latest collection, the Circle Design Tiles Collection. Exclusively designed to be UV and slip-resistant, ensuring durability in high-traffic areas, these tiles are available in 600 x 1200mm dimensions and have a thickness of 10mm—just what you need to give your space a fresh and distinctive appearance. Aesthetics aside, they also make the space look elegant and interesting.

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