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Artist Gayatri Sekhri for HELLO! India

Gayatri Sekhri Is Making The World A Better Place One Quirky Sculpture At A Time

“I don’t like the confines of a gallery; it can be very limiting. I prefer to invite people to where I live — the home I decorated myself with my own art. It’s the best way to offer people a clear picture of how their homes can be decorated,” says Gayatri Sekhri, artist, curator, and all-round creative personality. As we meet her for a candid chat

Art For Your Home

#HELLOGoodLiving: Everything You Need To Know Before Investing In Art For Your Home

Picking the right artwork for your home is more difficult than you would think. When chosen thoughtfully, art has the ability to transform your space and infuse it with life and personality. This is why the importance of being aware of the art you’re selecting for your decor cannot be overstated. “Art is more than decoration. It is the soul of spac

Table Arrangements

6 Indian Designers Present Their Own Takes On Table Arrangements

Picture gilded serveware, polished cutlery, colourful, brown-glass accents, warm candles and fresh flowers artfully assembled over classy table linen. How one puts together a tablescape can make all the difference to a formal dinner or even a casual brunch among loved ones. There’s more to a meal that what’s plated before you, and the design gurus