Silver Home Decor

15 Ways To Turn Your Space Into A Sterling Silver Dream

Sterling Stuff! Pepper your home with these beautiful silver accents for a touch of sophistication and old-world charm. MORE: Expert Guide On Interior Decorating RELATED: Top News In The World Of Luxury Interiors & Design

Interior Designer Farah Agarwal Interview

Interior Designer Farah Agarwal On How To Get An Eye For Detail

This intrepid interior designer from Chennai gravitated towards her field from an impressionable age, spotting elements of design in everyday objects like the cushions on a couch or the various hues of flowers in a vase.. Farah Agarwal shares her remarkable design journey in a special rendezvous with HELLO! READ: Celebrity Homes Designed by Gauri K

Vastu tips for new home

The Vastu Tips You Need To Set Up Your New Home

The world we live in is graced with both living and non-living beings and both play a crucial role in creating harmonious symphonies in nature and the spaces you inhabit, that transcend the physical space. Given the unique compositions of energies that make up all types of elements of the world (including you, your dog or even your furniture!), eve