Sarah Sham Mustafa Ghouse Home

Inside Sarah Sham & Mustafa Ghouse’s Fabulous Mumbai Home

HELLO! gets a warm welcome at the fabulous Mumbai home of interior designer Sarah Sham and her husband, sports supremo Mustafa Ghouse. Sarah Sham and Mustafa Ghouse make for beautiful pictures. What with their lovely South Mumbai home, cherubic child Sophia and their pet cat and dog, nearly resembling a perfect IKEA catalogue, showing all us mere m

Vastu tips for new home

The Vastu Tips You Need To Set Up Your New Home

The world we live in is graced with both living and non-living beings and both play a crucial role in creating harmonious symphonies in nature and the spaces you inhabit, that transcend the physical space. Given the unique compositions of energies that make up all types of elements of the world (including you, your dog or even your furniture!), eve

how to design home interiors

Looking To Redo Your Home? This Decor Guide Will Help

Moving into a new home or refurbishing your existing home can be a daunting task given the scope of the work and the access to a bazillion decor options. When it comes to decorating your home interiors, creating a space that looks beautiful and also reflects your personal style is of utmost importance. And if you manage to do it well, you’ll end up