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Artist Trishla Jain On Leading A Minimalist Life And More

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Ananya Shankar

HELLO! explores the fascinating life journey of Trishla Jain, the self-taught painter whose unique spiritual experiences and unwavering passion have shaped her artistic identity.

HELLO!: Trishla, you have a new look! Tell us about what inspired you to make such a bold change.

Trishla Jain: “During the pandemic, I found myself in a strange headspace and one of things that I did was shave my head. My hair was very, very long—like that of a traditional Indian woman. I decided to take this brave step to uncover my relationship with the beauty of attachment. Shaving my head off was an act of letting go, a sort of renunciation, to see what would emerge if I took away this important aspect of my identity. It’s been a wonderful learning experience to see how attached we are to the way we look. And for me, letting go of that and embracing a new look and taking in all the reactions from people, has just allowed me to keep reinventing myself and evolving.”

H!: How difficult was the process of letting go, and who served as your inspiration?

TJ: “After living in India for so many years, maximalism was sort of ingrained in me. It was Melody Mortazavi, my closest friend in California, who introduced me to the concept of minimalism. Spending time with her, I learned the essence of less is more, the significance of distilling things down to their essence and unlocking the potential of expressing oneself through a more constrained artistic repertoire.”

H!: How has minimalism positively influenced other areas of your life, like your art?

TJ: “About 10 years ago, as a very young artist, I was working in mixed media assemblages and trying to tell my story using scraps of paper and found objects. Today, 10 years and three children later, and after relocating to America, my style has become quite meditative. Much more still, much more minimal. And this journey, this change, is a nod to my own transformation.”

Trishla Jain©HelloIndia

H!: Your first solo exhibition, ‘Nowness in Time,’ mirrors this sense of serenity and minimalist approach.

TJ: “I’m very excited that, after keeping these paintings secluded in my home all through the pandemic, they are now on view. Puneet and Meghna [Shah] of Akara Contemporary have been incredible partners, and I’m honoured they chose to represent me in their beautiful gallery. When viewers stand in front of these pieces, I hope that the energy and the devotion with which they are created actually stops them in their tracks and allows them to access something deeper inside themselves, something that’s quiet, something that goes unsung and unheard within us. And it helps us see how beautiful life can really be.”

H!: When it comes to finding relaxation, what’s your go-to way to unwind after a demanding day at work?

TJ: “I live in California where the air is crisp and there are beautiful 100-year-old trees all around. So I like to go for long walks to let go of the day and take in fresh sights. I love playing with the kids and sitting with them as they do their homework, and sometimes watching movies or television shows. I also practise Pilates to keep my body strong enough to stand and paint for long hours at a time.”

This story has been adapted for the website from a story that was originally published in Hello! India’s September 2023 issue. Get your hands on the latest issue right here!