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HELLO! 100 Most Influential: Ranveer Allahbadia

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As told to Vishwaveer Singh

Why he matters: The podcaster, entrepreneur, investor and content creator has become a household name today. One of the most powerful male influencers at present, Ranveer Allahbadia has come a long way since his “beerbiceps” days. Viraj Sheth, a childhood friend and the CEO and Co-Founder of Monk Entertainment, shares the story of this formidable force.

I have known Ranveer Allahbadia since our college days, when he was that one directionless kid who, like most of us, was just going through the motions. Back then, we never knew we’d ever work together and build a company, and Ranveer as a brand. I’ve seen him transition from that purposeless kid to one of the most hardworking people, who is slowly and steadily marking his territory and turning himself into an international name.

Ranveer’s transformation began when he started to focus on fitness — and he hasn’t looked back ever since. With every passing year, I’ve seen him innovate and try new content for his platforms. Starting with cooking and fitness, to becoming our very own ‘fashion bhaiya’ for his followers and an inspirational mentor, Ranveer has explored various realms of social media with sheer dedication and drive.

Today, his mastery lies not just in content creation; he’s also one of the most successful entrepreneurs and a podcaster who likes to bring out success tales from various spheres of life. He draws out a more personal side of the influential personalities he speaks with from across the globe, which makes him India’s biggest podcaster.

Moreover, Ranveer started a podcast when the Indian audience wasn’t open to the concept to begin with. Now, his show is recognised by brands and personalities the world over, showcasing his growth graph and changing the landscape completely.

There’s more: Ranveer doesn’t fear sharing his real self with onlookers. His social media handles speak volumes about his personal struggles, the highs and lows of his life, and his mental health, inspiring people to open up about their challenges and victories, as well.

With a vision to expand opportunities in India, Ranveer, through his companies, has managed to create over 200 jobs so far. While being a consistent content creator for eight years, he also successfully built two businesses: Monk Entertainment and Level Supermind.

Having first-hand experience of his journey and witnessing it from the very beginning, I can vouch that he’s one of the grittiest and most driven people one could ever meet. The authentic Ranveer Allahbadia—with his ever-evolving self, honest narrations, unbiased platform lending a voice to people and their stories, and helping them through their lows—is an inspiring individual in a world full of influential ones.

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