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Type Beauty Founder Ananya Kapur On Building A Business At Just 24

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Noor Anand Chawla

Ananya Kapur looks every inch the boss lady she is. Her winning smile and imperceptible twinkling eyes declare a confidence that belies her youth. Ananya is after all, merely 24 years old, a young entrepreneur who unhesitatingly chose to follow her passion.

When the pandemic forced an entire generation of post-graduate students to study from home, Ananya decided to make the most of her time. Drawing on her innate fondness for makeup and skincare, as well as the skills she picked up as a chemistry and business double major at Carnegie Mellon University in the US, she began playing with skincare ingredients in the kitchen of her Delhi home.

“I made moisturisers, face masks, and even a serum!” says the bright young girl, who hails from a business family — her father runs a chain of car dealerships, while her mother helms the real estate wing of the business.

Ananya Kapur©HelloIndia

Her youthful experiments came to fruition two years later in the form of Type Beauty, a semi-customised makeup brand that formulates products for individual skin types.

Having been a makeup enthusiast all her life, she loved trying new products but was always disappointed with the results, which she learnt was due to the harmful ingredients in them.

“I always knew I wanted to do something of my own, and the Covid-19 pandemic gave me the chance,” she recalls.

Ananya began by playing around with active skincare ingredients, many of which she ordered online or by contacting on-ground suppliers. It was purely a passion project, for which she became a willing guinea pig herself, along with a few close family members and friends who benefitted from her DIY skincare.

At first, concentrating her efforts on producing high-quality skincare, she changed tack to producing skincare-infused makeup upon realising that the former was a saturated market. And today, barely 11 months into its launch, the brand has become a firm favourite of many Instagram fashionistas and celebrities, including the likes of Rhea Kapoor and Nauheed Cyrusi.

Ananya credits this popularity to her products being “clean and scientific,” as they are based on skincare actives without a single toxic or harmful component in them. Also, the range caters to everyone and their specific needs.

“To be as inclusive as possible, we simultaneously launch multiple variants in every range. These include foundations for different skin types, concerns and skin tones, so you can find the product that’s meant for you.”

Playing around in the kitchen was nothing new for this Vasant Valley school alum, as she has been an avid baker since childhood.

“I have been a baker most of my life, and I’m definitely a big foodie! Growing up, I’d bake cakes for all my friend’s birthdays, and even now, everyone close to me expects me to bake their favourites for them!”

This willingness to go the extra mile in both her personal and professional life has served her well at work, too. She explains, “We offer a high degree of customisation. The idea is to start of a movement where products are made according to what people actually need as opposed to what the market tells them they want.”

Ask Ananya what she likes to do when not at work, and she hesitates to respond — perhaps a glimpse at her Type-A personality. In fact, even at work, she refers to herself as the Chief Everything Officer, or ‘CEO’, of the brand because she deals with everything from ideation and marketing, to product testing and styling.

“I coined the term for fun while creating my LinkedIn profile,” she chuckles. “When you have a small startup, you wear so many hats!”

With some probing, it emerges that her hobbies include spending time with her dog Smudge (who also lends his name to a product in the line). She’s also a gifted singer, having learnt Western Classical music briefly during school.

“Singing is a good stressbuster. Recently, I posted a really old video of me singing on Instagram and people loved it,” she smiles.

As a self-confessed people’s person, she loves spending time with her friends and meeting new people. An interest in makeup, skincare and fashion is par for the course, though she admits to being attracted to the former only after she turned 18 and moved to the US. Though her makeup looks are minimal, she enjoys putting outfits together that are basic but edgy.

“I also love travelling and discovering new places. I’m totally a beach person – just put me near the water and I’m happy,” she says.

Her most recent holiday was a trip with friends to Istanbul, where she loved bonding with her buddies. Italy, which she visited with her family a few years ago, is another firm favourite. Yet the international destination that has her heart is Dubai (“It’s a second home for me”), where her grandparents were based for most of her years growing up. It’s evident that Ananya’s energetic fervour is the driving force behind the leaps her nascent brand has taken.

“I wanted to bring about a change in the beauty industry, and I was willing to do everything it took, even if it meant customising solutions on my own. The idea is that everyone should find their perfect ‘Type!’” she says, signing off.

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