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5 Times Shah Rukh Khan Made Us Root For The Anti-Hero

When we hear the name Shah Rukh Khan, our minds usually conjure up images of the romantic hero, the ‘King of Romance.’ But did you know that behind that charming smile lies a mesmerising ability to portray some of Bollywood’s most unforgettable villains? Yes, you heard it right! SRK has time and again showcased his versatility by donning the hat of a villain, leaving us both awestruck and slightly terrified.

Donning his villainous avatar once again, SRK has taken on a double role in the much-anticipated filmJawan, written and directed by Atlee. This commercial entertainer showcases Khan as both an intelligence officer and a skilled thief, promising an exciting clash of characters. Joining him in this star-studded cast are Vijay Sethupathi, Nayanthara, Sanya Malhotra, and Priyamani. Adding to the excitement, Jawan marks Nayanthara’s Hindi debut, and the ever-talented Deepika Padukone makes a special appearance in the film.

Produced by Gauri Khan for Red Chillies Entertainment, this action thriller delivers heart-pounding moments from the get-go. The trailer kicks off with a village under attack by terrorists, followed by gripping scenes of chaos at a metro station. Khan’s enigmatic voiceover sets the tone, posing existential questions that leave us wondering about the duality of his character: “Who am I? What am I? I don’t know. A promise made to a mother or an unfinished purpose? Am I good or bad, a blessing or a curse? Ask yourself because I am you, for better or worse.”

The trailer unveils SRK as a fearless police officer, later introducing his masked alter ego, which hints at the intriguing duality he embodies. We catch glimpses of intense action sequences as the Pathaan actor fearlessly takes on adversaries with an array of weapons. Adding to the excitement, we are introduced to Shah Rukh’s ‘gang of girls,’ featuring the talented Sanya Malhotra and Priyamani, promising dynamic chemistry and powerful performances.

With adrenaline-pumping car chases, gripping battle scenes, and fierce hand-to-hand combat, Jawan guarantees non-stop thrills. The trailer also showcases captivating song-and-dance sequences, featuring SRK in his clean-shaven avatar. However, the highlight of the trailer is undoubtedly the moment Khan unveils his bald look, reminiscent of Joaquin Phoenix’s iconic dance in The Joker, as he grooves to Hemanta Mukhopadhyay’s classic tune, ‘Bekarar Karke Hamein,’ on a hijacked subway train.

Khan himself took to social media to share the excitement, inviting viewers to uncover the mystery, saying, “Who am I... Ready to find out, who is not? Who am I... I don’t know anyone, Are you ready to learn?” With its Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu release scheduled worldwide on September 7, 2023, Jawan promises to be an electrifying cinematic experience that will leave audiences on the edge of their seats.

As we wait for this film’s release, we couldn’t help but think about SRK’s most unforgettable negative roles. From stalking with flair to avenging with style, Khan has proved time and again that he can seamlessly transition from being the king of romance to the epitome of evil. Ahead, we embark on a thrilling journey through his iconic villainous roles in movies like Darr and Baazigar, where SRK proves that he can make even evil look incredibly good!

Darr (1993)

Before the days of social media and dating apps, Khan depicted the devious stalker that gives you chills in the 1993 psychological thriller Darr. As Rahul, the obsessed lover, SRK’s performance was nothing short of haunting. From lurking in the shadows to delivering the famous line, “I love you, K-K-K-Kiran,” Khan brought an eerie charm that made you question your own sanity. And the fact that you weren’t able to completely resent him proved his acting prowess.

Watch it here.

Baazigar (1993)

If there’s one thing Khan knows how to do effortlessly, it’s leaving the audience in shock with unexpected twists. In the 1993 crime thriller Baazigar, he takes on the role of Ajay Sharma, a young man seeking revenge against those who wronged his family. With a diabolical plan that involves a series of murders, Khan’s portrayal of a charming, yet ruthless, anti-hero won hearts (and gave us sleepless nights).

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Anjaam (1994)

When you combine obsession, revenge, and SRK’s killer dance moves, you get the 1994 psychological thriller Anjaam. In this movie, Khan plays Vijay Agnihotri, a man driven to madness by unrequited love. From stalking Madhuri Dixit’s character to resorting to unthinkable acts, Khan’s performance showcased a dark side that will make you think twice before speaking to a man. And let’s not forget his energetic dance sequences that added a touch of madness to the film. Who knew obsession and dance could go hand in hand?

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Don (2006)

Ah, the Don series! Khan’s portrayal of Don, the cunning criminal mastermind, deserves a standing ovation. With his impeccable style, suave personality, and unforgettable dialogue delivery, Khan took the iconic character to new heights. Whether it’s playing the double role in Don (2006) or keeping us on the edge of our seats in Don 2 (2011), SRK’s charisma and swag turned him into the anti-hero we secretly cheered for. After all, who doesn’t love a villain who can outsmart the good guys and look incredibly dapper while doing it?

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Fan (2016)

In the 2016 psychological thriller Fan, King Khan delivers a masterful performance that blurs the line between fan and foe. Playing dual roles as superstar Aryan Khanna and his obsessive fan Gaurav Chandna, Khan explores the sinister consequences of unchecked admiration. Gaurav’s unwavering devotion turns into a dangerous obsession, leading him down a path of revenge and chaos. Khan’s portrayal is nothing short of exceptional as he brings to life the dark side of fandom, reminding us that sometimes, our greatest admirers can become our worst nightmares. Fan not only showcases SRK’s acting prowess but also challenges our perception of fan culture, leaving us in awe and contemplation.

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