We Owe These Brilliant Fashion Trends To You, Shah Rukh Khan

In the late 1980s, a starry-eyed Delhi-boy with a dream to make it big in the film industry landed in Mumbai. Little did anyone know that this man of limited means, who found comfort even when he had to sleep on the streets, would go on to become one of the most celebrated Indian film stars of all time.

With SRK ruling the silver screen for over three decades, we can’t *not* take fashion inspiration from him every step of the way. From choker necklaces and bandanas to see-through shirts and beret hats, there are so many iconic fashion trends popularised by King Khan through his movie characters.

There’s no doubt that anything Shah Rukh Khan wears is fashion. While this superstar has given us enough reasons to swoon over him, we can’t really thank him enough for being the trailblazer of evergreen fashion and style trends over the years. Check them out below!

See-through Shirts

shah rukh khan fashion trends©IMDb

SRK opened our eyes to the sensuality of see-through shirts in the cult classic, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. Seen in classic shades of blue, black and white, the actor looked smoking hot in the transparent shirts that he sported in the song, ‘Suraj Hua Maddham’. While the romantic number was widely appreciated, this garment also turned into a rage, all thanks to how hot he looked in the track. In fact, the trend is so back in style that even it-girls Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid can’t get enough of them.

Sweater Over The Shoulders

shah rukh khan fashion trends©IMDb

The iconic character of Raj Aryan in the film, Mohabbatein, has stayed with us even after 17 years of its release. The heartbroken professor, Aryan, was not only a shining beacon for young lovers, but for fashion lovers as well. His classic look, comprising knitted sweaters thrown over the shoulders with rimless glasses, became every Indian boy’s dream winter look. Yep, that whole aesthetic has resurged and everyone and their mother is draping their sweaters over their shoulders on Instagram now.

Biker Jackets, Earcuffs & Bandanas

shah rukh khan fashion trends©IMDb

Versatility and SRK have been synonymous ever since he made his television-acting debut with the show, Fauji. While SRK’s experimental looks as Bollywood’s favourite lover-boy have made us go weak in the knees, his grunge look in the film, Josh, gave us something edgy to emulate. Clad in roughed up biker jackets featuring solid metallic embellishments, paired with bandanas, fingerless gloves and earcuffs, the badass gangster Max, reintroduced us to the cool-quotient of leather jackets, and they have remained in vogue ever since.

Not just in Josh, but the superstar has rocked leather jackets in the cult-favourite Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge as Raj also. The suave character wore the classic John Lennon sunglasses with leather jackets and set the stage for this now-mainstream fashion trend.

Loose-fitted Cargo Pants

shah rukh khan fashion trends©Filmfare

Khan as Aman Mathur in Kal Ho Naa Ho sported these super cool cargo pants in the song ‘Pretty Woman’. And today, we’re seeing our favourite influencers and celebs wear these everywhere.

The ‘Prince Charming’ Haircut

shah rukh khan fashion trends©IMDb

To be honest, the ‘badshah of Bollywood’ has worn this haircut in more than one movie throughout the 2000s, and K3G is just one instance of that. We like to call this the ‘prince charming,’ haircut since so many of the Disney animated movie princes have had these. It’s no surprise that this ‘loverboy’ archetype hairstyle is now seen on countless influencers on Instagram these days.

Chokers & Chain Necklaces

shah rukh khan fashion trends©IMDb

Veer Pratap Singh from Veer-Zaara and Rahul from Dil To Pagal Hai (and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai) wore jackets over T-shirts and accessorised them with statement chain necklaces, and basically brought about a fashion revolution in the ’90s— which to this day, serves as serious style inspiration to the youngins.

Sweater Vests

shah rukh khan fashion trends©IMDb

The style which is now known as Emma Chamberlain-core, was popularised by SRK’s Major Ram Prasad Sharma in Main Hoon Na first, don’t fight us on this! The star donned this iconic sweater vest in the film and the rest was history. It’s the one SRK-inspired layering essential we’re specifically standing behind this fall, since it’s as smart as it is stylish.

Body-hugging Sports Tees

shah rukh khan fashion trends©IMDb

From muscle-hugging T-shirts and athleisure wear to dungarees and the famous ‘cool’ chain locket, the college stud (read, f-boy) Rahul, set this unforgettable fashion trend in the ’90s in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

Beret Hats

shah rukh khan fashion trends©Pinterest

SRK played the role of the quintessential sanskari, chivalrous boy Arjun Saagar in the film Pardes, and his minimalist yet classy style relied heavily on Beret hats and suspenders. The signature look since then has been picked up by many of his fans who prefer a little old school vibe from time to time.

Polo Neck Shirts With Coats

shah rukh khan fashion trends©Instagram

The classic rich-boy look of Rahul Yash Raichand in K3G consisted of chic, monochromatic polo neck shirts or sweaters layered with well-tailored, lush coats and sleek, black sunglasses—a look which can never go out of style. Who would’ve thought that our very own King Khan was the winter fashion inspo we needed all along.