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Jennie’s Bold & Sexy Dance In ‘The Idol’ Draws Mixed Reactions

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Blackpink’s Jennie made her acting debut this week with HBO’s latest drama The Idol and quickly became the top drawing factor for the show with her incredible dance moves.

Sam Levinson’s controversial TV show The Idol stars the K-pop idol along with Lily-Rose Depp, Abel Tesfaye (AKA The Weeknd), Troye Sivan, and Dan Levy.

The drama about a troubled pop star has been drawing the ire of the Internet after the first episode’s release because of all the gratuitous nudity and problematic explicit scenes. The weak and flimsy writing attributed to the first episode getting only 913,000 views.

However, the Blackpink member’s presence in the show could prove to be its saving grace as a barely-a-minute-long clip of her provocative dance moves went viral on the Internet, racking up millions of views alone.

Jennie plays the role of Dyanne, main star Jocelyn’s best friend and a back-up dancer in her troupe. In the episode, Dyanne is tasked with showing Jocelyn how to get her bold and provocative moves right in the choreography, leading the K-pop idol to show her how it’s done.

In a post-episode breakdown, Jennie admitted that the choreography came easy to her because of her years in training in the K-pop industry.

The sultry, borderline scandalous, moves are unlike anything we’ve seen from the idol before and it was no surprise that it drew mixed reactions from the audience, largely comprised of Blinks (as Blackpink’s fans are called).

While many cheered her on for presenting a never-before-seen avatar, many conservative Blinks did not share the sentiment.

Despite the mixed reactions, it’s clear that Jennie is the biggest reason why people will be tuning into the next episode and the ones after that as well.

Aside from breaking the Internet with her dance moves, Jennie along with her groupmates surpassed 41.3 million followers on Spotify. The group, which is currently on their Born Pink world tour, overtook Neha Kakkar as the record holder for the most followed female Asian act on the platform.