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You’ll Never Guess What The Members Of Blackpink Hate Eating

Arguably the most successful K-pop girl group currently active, BLACKPINK members Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa and Rosé are stars in their own right, and boast millions of followers and partnerships with some of the world’s most prestigious brands including Chanel, Dior, Saint Laurent and Tiffany & Co. The gorgeous singers and fashionistas may not be picky eaters, but certainly know what they like and, well, what they don’t enjoy as much. Their preferences were revealed in an interview with Star Road back in 2019.


The girls were paired up for the “how well do you know each other” game, in which all sorts of questions pertaining to their hobbies, eating habits and family members had to be answered. The group even revealed each of the BLACKPINK member’s favorite and least favorite foods. Let’s see what they are, shall we?

1. Lisa

Loves: Pork backbone stew (gamjatang)

Hates: Eel

Lisa may be Thai, but her favorite food is Korean, and she particularly enjoys pork backbone stew. Her favorite fruit is strawberries, something Rosé unfortunately did not answer correctly because it “seemed too easy”. Her least favorite food, meanwhile, is eel.

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2. Jisoo

Loves: Rice

Hates: Seafood

When it comes to food, Jisoo loves rice since it goes with almost every recipe and meal. In a separate question, Jennie shared that the Cartier global ambassador’s favorite fruit is strawberry while her least favorite is mango. Jisoo, however, especially dislikes seafood like clams and oysters.

3. Jennie

Loves: Sandwiches

Hates: Pizza

Despite this being a very unpopular opinion, Jennie shockingly revealed that she dislikes pizza, which is a staple for many idols after a long day of schedules. Because of this, Jisoo said that the rest of the BLACKPINK girls eat as per Jennie’s preferences when dining at home. At the very least, there is one food Jennie undoubtedly loves: sandwiches. She especially likes it when it is served with avocado on top.

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4. Rosé

Loves: Salad

Hates: Avocado

Finally, Lisa was the member who correctly guessed Rosé’s likes and dislikes. The maknae‘s original answer to her favorite food was “grass”, which she later modified to “greens” or “salad”. Rosé’s favorite fruit, on the other hand, is mango, while her least favorite food in general is avocado—ironically one of Jennie’s preferred toppings!

Watch the fun video below!