Still from 'Love Again'© Sony Pictures

Is Priyanka Chopra Ready To Take On The Rom-Com Lead Crown?

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

In great news for all the fans (including us) who have been eagerly anticipating Priyanka Chopra’s turn as a true-blue romantic comedy lead, the trailer for her upcoming rom-com Love Again dropped on Valentine’s Day and it hasn’t disappointed.

After many delays and a title change, the movie is ready to be released this May. Outlander star Sam Heughan stars opposite Chopra, but we can all agree that the true star of the film is Celine Dion.

The Canadian singing legend is making her big screen debut with the film where she stars as herself because why not? In the movie, heartbroken journalist Rob (Hueghan) is tasked with writing a profile on Dion when he starts receiving text messages from an unknown number. The texts are from Mira (Chopra), who has developed a habit of texting her dead boyfriend’s number to deal with the grief of losing him, without knowing that the number has now been assigned to Rob. With encouragement from Dion and his own developing feelings for Mira, Rob decides to pursue a relationship with her without disclosing that he is, in fact, the receiver of her texts.

The trailer also features a funny cameo by Chopra’s husband Nick Jonas. The ‘Jealous’ singer is one of Mira’s blind dates that doesn’t go well.

Chopra is no stranger to angst-filled romantic dramas, a fact that can be backed by her rich and varied Bollywood filmography, and Heughan proved his mettle as a romantic lead that could make you swoon with a half smoulder. So expectations from the couple are sky high already.

Will this movie remind us of why we fell in love with the genre in the first place? Will we find our next favourite Celine Dion anthem from the movie’s OST which is going to feature a new song by the singer? Will the movie make us cry? Will Chopra and Jonas be able to act as if they’re not insanely in love with each other, as evidenced by everything they do on Instagram? All these questions will be answered when the movie releases on May 23, 2023.

Mark your calendars!